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June Virtual Chapter Meeting

Monday, June 22, 2020
6:15 pm

"What's Underneath the Pile?"
Managing Emotional Responses in the Midst of Quarantine Clutter

Presented By
Dr. Charlene Underhill-Miller

"If only I had a day to just get organized...." And then that day turns into several weeks and months. The clutter is still there. The boxes still exist. Feelings arise when looking through the piles. And, in the midst of a quarantine there are few people to talk to about it or to physically help. Understanding the emotional complexities of one who hoards, or is chronically disorganized, or facing a physical move is crucial in your work on the front lines. And in this time of severe crisis, the underlying issues that contributes to one's disorganization is exacerbated.

As different as your clients are from one another, their responses to this crisis and the clutter that has now become their companion within their home, vary. We will take time to look at a variety of emotional responses to the quarantine and what it might mean for your clients and for you to get back to work the way it used to be. We will work on developing some healthy language that you can implement with your clients while you listen and reflect on their life and the gift you give them by being part of it at this time in history.

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Stay Safe and Stay Well!

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