Our Board of Directors

Laura Smith
An Organized Project

Laura Smith is a Professional Organizer and Owner of An Organized Project, a professional organizing business serving Los Angeles and anyone, anywhere, Virtually.  She is originally from New York, however, has called Los Angeles home for the past 21 years. Laura began her career as a professional ballet dancer in New York City, where she fostered self-discipline and an acute attention to detail.  Her years of experience along with advanced education have provided her with the knowledge, mindset, and skills to help clients ease tension and take control of their lives. 

Laura is grateful for the education, opportunity, and support from NAPO & its members over the years, and she is honored to serve as President for NAPO-LA Chapter members who are the leading source for our rapidly growing Industry.

Vice President
Emma J. Carter
It's a Lifestyle Prof. Organizing

Lifestyle Organizer, Emma J. Carter, is the Organizer for top Celebrities, Stylists and CEO’s in the US and Canada. She specializes in functional and efficient spaces that are custom to every home and business she works with. Being an organization expert for over 14 years, Emma’s passion stems from solving problems in Client’s lives beginning with meeting their personal goals within their work and living spaces. She looks forward to serving on this year's NAPO-LA Board of Directors as the Director of Marketing!

Jon Siegel
The Spatial Guy

Jon founded The Spatial Guy out of his love for helping people and passion for organizing spaces. Throughout his experiences in retail, design and marketing he has always found himself drawn to creating order. Several years back, he decided to start his own business and use his calm and caring nature to assist people in getting their lives organized. Jon feels that creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space puts people at ease. He is driven by each experience he encounters and aims to assist individuals to achieve their goals.

Q. Banjai
VOPPELL, Business Management & Consulting

Q Banjai is a licensed CPA in the state of California. He is the owner, president, and CEO of Voppell, Inc, a full service CPA firm. Voppell, Inc focuses on filing business and individual income tax returns as well as financial accounting. Q Banjai received his bachelor's degree in accounting and master's degree in business taxation, both from USC. He teaches finance and management accounting for MBA students at California Institute of Advanced Management. He is the treasurer for Glendale Educational Foundation.

Immediate Past President
Shara KayCPO®
SK Organizing

Shara Kay is a Certified Professional Organizer® and the owner of SK Organizing, a 5-star rated Beverly Hills-based business specializing in helping busy professionals take control of their space to boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve quality of life. With over 10 years of experience as an independent film producer, Shara is an expert at managing the creative and logistical demands of projects large and small. The SK team especially enjoys helping clients through life transitions like complicated moves and estate close outs. 

Director of Professional Development
Kathryne Reed
Simply Optimized

Kathryne Reed is a Professional Organizer, Productivity Consultant & Owner of Simply Optimized, a Lancaster-based business specializing in helping individuals determine how to clear the clutter and find clarity in their lives, homes & businesses.  Prior to becoming an organizer, Kathryne worked as a Process Engineer for 10 years in Aerospace Manufacturing where she was trained in Lean Manufacturing and Process Optimization, achieving a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.  Based on the skills and knowledge she obtained in the factory, Kathryne works with individuals on not just organizing, but on making sure processes are in place to keep their spaces, lives & businesses organized. She highly values her membership in NAPO-LA and is looking forward to being able to serve this year on the Board of Directors!

Director of Communications & Technology
 Jeremy Suede 
 Innovative Office Solutions

Jeremy is the owner/founder of Innovative Office Solutions which provides document and photo scanning services. He enjoys teaching & and educating others on digitization and showing the many benefits it can bring.    

Director of Business Partners
Haleh Shoa

Haleh is the founder of Picturli, a photo organization, archiving and design boutique, organizing and preserving all types of memories for families, businesses, and historical societies. We preserve and organize any type of format from tapes such as VHS, mini VHS, Beta, DVDs, floppy disks, etc. to massive digital photo libraries. We design beautiful keepsakes such as year-end albums, luxury wedding albums, digital frames and gallery walls. We have also produced several legacy films and provide slideshow services for any type of gathering.

Director of Marketing
Katie Ortiz
Categorized by Katie

Katie Ortiz is a Los Angeles born professional organizer and owner of her business, Categorized by Katie. Katie attended the University of Michigan and received a BA in Communication Studies. Originally pursuing a public relations career, as time went on she realized PR wasn’t for her. With the pandemic, Katie finally had the opportunity to explore other passions - one of which stood out tremendously. Being a natural born organizer and planner, professional organizing just made sense. And that’s when Categorized by Katie was born. By combining her passion for organization with the desire to teach people the skills that come naturally to her, Katie created this open and comfortable space where people can achieve their dream organization goals. She wants her clients to be proud of the spaces they have created together and she strives every day to make that a possibility. Katie is a proud Member of NAPO and looks forward to serving on the Board of Directors for NAPO LA!"

Director of Membership
Christine Douglass
Live Life Uncluttered

Christine Douglas is a professional home organizer who provides simple and personalized organizing solutions for homes with all levels of clutter.  She currently serves as the director of membership for the NAPO Los Angeles Chapter. She is grateful  to be of service to new organizers just entering the industry and to support existing members.  She hold certificates of study in Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding Behaviors along with a BS is textiles, merchandising, and design. As a professional organizer, Christine works with individuals and families to help them set up systems that best fit their lifestyle and personality. The first step is always to let go of items that no longer support your life goals and values. Her mission is to help as many people as possible to be free of their excess  "stuff" so they'll have more time, money, and energy to spend creating memories with their family and friends. Her system for clearing the "stuff" will leave you feeling free and ready for your next adventure.  

Director of Administration
Jen Johansen
ecoFrech Organizing

Jen founded ecoFresh Organizing in 2020 to help people get organized and go eco-friendly at home. She combined her love of the ocean and creating organized spaces together to help those in need of serenity and order in their homes. After years working in online marketing, Jen discovered her calling in 2015 when she worked as a professional organizer for A Fresh Space in Nashville. This gave her the knowledge and courage to become a business owner and put her own spin on it in her home state. Jen is honored to be a part of NAPO-LA and serve on the Board of Directors this year!

Brief Descriptions of Board Positions

For full, detailed descriptions of Board position duties and responsibilities, click here.


(30 hours/month) Organizes and presides over all Chapter Board meetings and retreats, introduces Chapter meetings, approves all expenditures, communications, and forms representing the Chapter. The President is responsible for writing a “President’s message” column in every issue of the bi-monthly newsletter. The President is the liaison between NAPO-LA and NAPO National and participates in NAPO National monthly teleconferences. The President is the face of NAPO-LA in all media communication during the term.

Vice President

(20 hours/month) Duties include working with the President, standing in for the President during absences, and overseeing volunteer task forces for special events including GO Month, Organizing Awards, Organizing Expo, etc. The VP is responsible for event planning, and coordinating skills are a must. The VP participates in NAPO National quarterly teleconferences. 

Immediate Past President

(1-10 hours month) Participates in all Chapter meetings and events (as possible). Serves as an advisor to the Board. Votes on the recipient of the President’s Leading Edge Award along with the President and the most recent active Past President. Responsible for developing the Annual Leadership Forum, forming and facilitating the Nomination Committee, as well as overseeing the Chapter elections. 


(6 hours/month) Duties include recording Board meeting minutes and submitting them to NAPO National, compiling and distributing monthly Board reports from all Chapter Board members, writing mini-minutes for the chapter newsletter, and maintaining an up-to-date contact list for the Board. The Secretary is also responsible for tracking Chapter accomplishments. 


(14 hours/month) Responsible for Chapter budget, paying Chapter bills, receiving all income, maintaining Chapter financial books (currently in QuickBooks Online), and handling all expense reimbursements, as well as any other financial needs of the Chapter. Responsible for filing CA taxes, group Federal return, and maintaining NAPO-LA’s nonprofit status with the state. Responsible for Chapter PO Box. Runs the registration table at all Chapter meetings with the Director of Membership, and attends all Board meetings. Oversees the Silent Auction Coordinator. 

Director of Administration

(10-15 hours/month) Updates the Policy and Procedures manuals annually, monitors the Chapter phone line, oversees the Volunteer Coordinator, handles all aspects of the Volunteer and Committee of the month awards and updates organizational chart monthly. Takes meeting minutes when the Secretary is absent. Oversees the following committees/positions: Librarian, Historian, Photographer, and Volunteer Coordinator. Oversees Neighborhood Group Coordinator.

Director of Marketing

(10 hours/month) Oversees all public relations and marketing efforts of the Chapter including meetings and special events. Writes and distributes press releases. Responsible for all social media postings. Oversees the following committees/positions: Online Ambassador, Copy Assistant, Social Media Manager. The DM participates in NAPO National quarterly teleconferences.

Director of Business Partners

(10 hours) Duties include all activities relating to associate membership, including participation in the processing of associate membership applications and renewals, recruiting appropriate associate members to the Chapter, helping these members to create relationships with other members to all members’ mutual benefit, and coordinating events featuring the services of the Chapter’s associate members. Creates and maintains the written information regarding associate membership, including benefits for associate members. Participates in editing the Associate Member Newsletter. Oversees the following committees/positions (if filled): Associate Member Liaison and Associate Member Volunteer Assistants. The Director of Associate Membership participates in NAPO National monthly teleconferences along with the Directors of Membership.  

Director of Communications & Technology

(8-15 hours/month) Directs all aspects of communications such as chapter emails, the bimonthly newsletters, chapter surveys, and email aliases through GoDaddy. Updates website by adding new pages as needed; posting information about upcoming meetings and events; creating electronic forms and maintaining procedures for registration, voting, membership renewals, etc.; and digital archiving of Chapter documents, photos, newsletters, and press releases. Responds to or redirects emails coming through the Contact page. Oversees the following committees/positions: Newsletter Editor, Newsletter Publisher, Webmasters. Participates in NAPO National teleconferences every other month.

Director of Membership

(10 hours/month) Directs all activities relating to Chapter membership. This includes processing of all membership applications, conducting annual membership renewals, coordinating chapter-wide membership survey every other year, conducting exit interviews when members do not renew, handling registration at Chapter meetings and events, and approving all Chapter membership information. Oversees the following committees/positions: Greeter Coordinator, Member Spotlight Coordinator, New Member Orientation, Registration, Visitor Liaison. The DM participates in NAPO National monthly teleconferences.

Director of Professional Development

(4-15 hours/month) Coordinates monthly Chapter meetings, books speakers, provides continuing education and professional growth for members, prepares Chapter meeting agendas. Chapter meeting responsibilities include ordering food/refreshments, rental equipment, setting up the meeting room (including any audio/visual needs), conducting/facilitating the meetings (introducing speakers and moving the agenda along) and handling evaluation forms. Oversees the following committees/positions: Meeting assistant, POLA, CD Support group. The DPD participates in NAPO National quarterly teleconferences.

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