Our Board of Directors

Tanisha Porter
Natural Born Organizers

What overwhelms potential clients, motivates us. We will tackle almost any type of job you throw at us. If you are ready to invest your time, energy, and resources in customized systems and methods designed for you &/or your family, NBO is here to help...with no judgment.

Vice President
Cindy Ruffin
Vitae Minimalist

Cindy is honored to serve as the NAPO-LA Vice President and managing the chapter's GO Month each January. Having a background in event planning serves her well in this role as her two passions merge into a board position that brings value for the chapter. She also would love to serve alongside other seasoned organizers in providing education and value to our NAPO-LA members.

Cynthia Smith
Your House In Order    

Cynthia is an expert in home offices. She uses a five step process to streamline your work flow and help you organize your space, time and resources so that you can focus on what really matters. She developed her organizational skills as a regional VP for a major cable network.

Katherine Harrison
Back to Baseline, LLC

Katherine genuinely loves listening to her clients and helping them find ways to stress less. She knows all to well that despite our best intentions to stay organized, life happens; and that’s when Back To Baseline steps in to take some things off your plate. Katherine’s professional background in interior design coupled with her educational background in the field of Research science, gives her a unique perspective that allows her to create systems that are both sustainable and aesthetically beautiful.

Immediate Past President
Laura Ellis, CPO®
Organized By Ellis

Laura loves creating organized environments that empower her clients to cure the clutter and move toward a simple way of living. Her style is aimed at original solutions tailored to each individual’s lifestyle, always with an eye for good design. She cares about her clients and their stuff and never judges either.


Director of Administration
Laura Smith
An Organized Project

Laura is proud to serve as Director of Administration for NAPO LA and is passionate about NAPO and would be honored to further contribute to the mission and upholding values of Organizing. Being a Member of NAPO LA has welcomed many wonderful new opportunities facilitating the growth of her career, and she considers it an honor to further contribute her skills and service.

Director of Communications & Technology
 Jeremy Suede                                      Innovative Office Solutions

Jeremy is the owner/founder of Innovative Office Solutions which provides document and photo scanning services. He enjoys teaching & and educating others on digitization and showing the many benefits it can bring.    

Director of Membership & Business Partners
Shara Kay
SK Professional Organizing

Shara is passionate about helping clients take control of their space to boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve quality of life. With over 10 years of experience as an independent film producer, she is an expert at managing the creative and logistical demands of projects large and small.

Director of Marketing
Stacy Thomes
Stacy Thomes Organizing

Born and raised in LA, Stacy knows what busy lives we all lead and the daily stresses we are constantly exposed to. As a busy stay-at- home mother of two, she felt a deep calling towards simplicity. In exploring the need to move away from accumulating more, she found we all could do better with a little less. Stacy has been helping motivate clients to get rid of what no longer serves them and re-evaluate what their home means to them, empowering them to re-claim their space.

Director of Professional 
Louisa Gravelle, CPO®
New Leaf Organizing

Louisa’s 22 years as a clothing designer and stylist honed her organizational skills. Using an enthusiastic, thoughtful approach; Louisa helps business owners, professionals, and families de-clutter and transform their space. She brings a well developed eye for order and design to each organizing, productivity, and time management project.

Brief Descriptions of Board Positions

For full, detailed descriptions of Board position duties and responsibilities, click here.


(30 hours/month) Organizes and presides over all Chapter Board meetings and retreats, introduces Chapter meetings, approves all expenditures, communications, and forms representing the Chapter. The President is responsible for writing a “President’s message” column in every issue of the bi-monthly newsletter. The President is the liaison between NAPO-LA and NAPO National and participates in NAPO National monthly teleconferences. The President is the face of NAPO-LA in all media communication during the term.

Vice President

(20 hours/month) Duties include working with the President, standing in for the President during absences, and overseeing volunteer task forces for special events including GO Month, Organizing Awards, Organizing Expo, etc. The VP is responsible for event planning, and coordinating skills are a must. The VP participates in NAPO National quarterly teleconferences. 

Immediate Past President

(1-10 hours month) Participates in all Chapter meetings and events (as possible). Serves as an advisor to the Board. Votes on the recipient of the President’s Leading Edge Award along with the President and the most recent active Past President. Responsible for developing the Annual Leadership Forum, forming and facilitating the Nomination Committee, as well as overseeing the Chapter elections. 


(6 hours/month) Duties include recording Board meeting minutes and submitting them to NAPO National, compiling and distributing monthly Board reports from all Chapter Board members, writing mini-minutes for the chapter newsletter, and maintaining an up-to-date contact list for the Board. The Secretary is also responsible for tracking Chapter accomplishments. 


(14 hours/month) Responsible for Chapter budget, paying Chapter bills, receiving all income, maintaining Chapter financial books (currently in QuickBooks Online), and handling all expense reimbursements, as well as any other financial needs of the Chapter. Responsible for filing CA taxes, group Federal return, and maintaining NAPO-LA’s nonprofit status with the state. Responsible for Chapter PO Box. Runs the registration table at all Chapter meetings with the Director of Membership, and attends all Board meetings. Oversees the Silent Auction Coordinator. 

Director of Administration

(10-15 hours/month) Updates the Policy and Procedures manuals annually, monitors the Chapter phone line, oversees the Volunteer Coordinator, handles all aspects of the Volunteer and Committee of the month awards and updates organizational chart monthly. Takes meeting minutes when the Secretary is absent. Oversees the following committees/positions: Librarian, Historian, Photographer, and Volunteer Coordinator. Oversees Neighborhood Group Coordinator.

Director of Marketing

(10 hours/month) Oversees all public relations and marketing efforts of the Chapter including meetings and special events. Writes and distributes press releases. Responsible for all social media postings. Oversees the following committees/positions: Online Ambassador, Copy Assistant, Social Media Manager. The DM participates in NAPO National quarterly teleconferences.

Director of Business Partners

(10 hours) Duties include all activities relating to associate membership, including participation in the processing of associate membership applications and renewals, recruiting appropriate associate members to the Chapter, helping these members to create relationships with other members to all members’ mutual benefit, and coordinating events featuring the services of the Chapter’s associate members. Creates and maintains the written information regarding associate membership, including benefits for associate members. Participates in editing the Associate Member Newsletter. Oversees the following committees/positions (if filled): Associate Member Liaison and Associate Member Volunteer Assistants. The Director of Associate Membership participates in NAPO National monthly teleconferences along with the Directors of Membership.  

Director of Communications & Technology

(8-15 hours/month) Directs all aspects of communications such as chapter emails, the bimonthly newsletters, chapter surveys, and email aliases through GoDaddy. Updates website by adding new pages as needed; posting information about upcoming meetings and events; creating electronic forms and maintaining procedures for registration, voting, membership renewals, etc.; and digital archiving of Chapter documents, photos, newsletters, and press releases. Responds to or redirects emails coming through the Contact page. Oversees the following committees/positions: Newsletter Editor, Newsletter Publisher, Webmasters. Participates in NAPO National teleconferences every other month.

Director of Membership

(10 hours/month) Directs all activities relating to Chapter membership. This includes processing of all membership applications, conducting annual membership renewals, coordinating chapter-wide membership survey every other year, conducting exit interviews when members do not renew, handling registration at Chapter meetings and events, and approving all Chapter membership information. Oversees the following committees/positions: Greeter Coordinator, Member Spotlight Coordinator, New Member Orientation, Registration, Visitor Liaison. The DM participates in NAPO National monthly teleconferences.

Director of Professional Development

(4-15 hours/month) Coordinates monthly Chapter meetings, books speakers, provides continuing education and professional growth for members, prepares Chapter meeting agendas. Chapter meeting responsibilities include ordering food/refreshments, rental equipment, setting up the meeting room (including any audio/visual needs), conducting/facilitating the meetings (introducing speakers and moving the agenda along) and handling evaluation forms. Oversees the following committees/positions: Meeting assistant, POLA, CD Support group. The DPD participates in NAPO National quarterly teleconferences.

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