May 2019 Chapter Meeting Event

  • 2019-05-20
  • 6:15 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Beverly Hills Marriott Hotel

May Chapter Meeting

Monday, May 20, 2019
6:15 PM - 8:30 PM 

Beverly Hills Marriott Hotel
1150 South Beverly Drive
Los Angeles, 90035

Organization Within the ADHD Family

This talk will touch upon the challenges within the ADHD family. There will be an explanation of executive function deficits associated with ADHD, and how neuroplasticity, the rewiring of the brain, can occur. Hopefully, after this talk is done, everyone will understand how to work with the "Gift" of ADHD in your businesses and how neuroplasticity allows rewiring of the brain to occur.

Presented by:
ADHD & Life Coach, LMFT

Justine Ruotolo

Justine Ruotolo has been and ADHD/Life Coach/LMFT for the past 24 years. She is a graduate of the Pepperdine University MFT program with a practice located in Torrance, California. She can also be contacted through my website email,

Justine has an intense passion for what she does; helping children, adolescents, parents, adults and couples embrace their diagnosis of ADHD, understanding their gifts associated with their “Creative Mindset.”

After being diagnosed herself at age 40, it highlighted years of struggles that encompassed my life. It explained her childhood and adolescents being labeled stupid, lazy, procrastinator, and impulsive. These words developed a negative schema that followed her throughout my life. 

Over the past ten years she has done difficult work to unblock the past, and embrace her own creativity. After experiencing trauma, Justine decided to turn it into positive growth. Through this work from the Inside Out, while embracing meditation and mindfulness every step of the way, she learned how to accept her life, and develop self-awareness concerning her behaviors. She was able to take responsibility for her life, and regulate her emotions.

Justine is  on the board of CHADD (Children and adults with ADD), in the South Bay, of Southern California, where she helps run a powerful support group for adults with ADHD. It is in this venue that she shares the work she did on myself with others. A big component of this group is Mindfulness and Meditation, which helps to control the negative symptoms associated with this challenge.

Justine enjoys working with parents helping them get their child or adolescent diagnosed. She has attended school meetings for 504 plans, and IEP’s negotiating accommodations in this setting. She has always been successful in school meetings because she presents her involvement as a positive way of connecting the circle between the school, parents, and child or adolescent. She helps the child/adolescent with organization, study skills, behavior and time management while working with the parents helping them learn the proper strategies involved in communicating with children and adolescents.

The fact that she can utilize her own experiences to help others embrace their gifts associated with ADD, makes what she does a a very happy part of her life.

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Registration: 6 pm; meeting 6:15–8:30 pm  

Level 1 & Visitors $15 • Valet Parking Only - $12

Beverly Hills Marriott Hotel
1150 South Beverly Drive
Los Angeles, 90035

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