NAPO-LA Golden Circle Gallery

The lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen of NAPO-LA's Golden Circle membership at some of their monthly meetings and the Chrysalis facility visit. Please note that several of the Founders of the National Association of Professional Organizers—Ann GambrellBeverly Clower, and Maxine Ordesky—are active Golden Circle members to this day.


RIGHT: Lower Left to Lower Right: Ann Gambrell, Standolyn Robertson, Kim Anker-Paddon, Deborah Kawashima, Marcy Melton, Bette Martin, Debra Frank, Toni Scharff, Cari Dawson, Jean Furuya. Middle: John Trosko, Regina Lark, Donna McMillan

ABOVE: L-R Front: Kim Anker-Paddon, Christine Reiter, Regina Lark, Dina Newman; Middle: Standolyn Robertson, Esther Simon, Joan Chodorow, Marcy Melton (with Scooter), Maxine Ordesky, Debbie Gilster; Back: Leslie Haber, Debra Frank, Toni Scharff, Deborah Kawashima, Donna McMillan, Sally Hulem


L-R: Barbara Glass, Toni Scharff, Donna McMillan, Marcy Melton, 
Lynn Goldberg, Ann Gambrell, Beverly Clower

L-R: Barbara Glass, Jean Furuya, Toni Scharff, 
Sara Getzkin, Mishele Vieira


L-R Front: Donna McMillan, Karen Fulks, Christine Oller & Toni Scharff. 2nd row: Carolyn Strauss. 3rd row: Robin Davi, Estelle Kates, Diane Ridley, Lynne Goldberg, Beverly Clower, Marcy Melton, Chris Reiter, Jean Furuya. Back: Tanya Whitford, Claire Flannery, Chris McKenry, Mishele Vieira, Sally Hulem, Sheila McCurdy

L-R Front: Ann Gambrell, Jean Furuya, Esther Simon, Beverly Clower. 2nd row: Rosalind Lakomy, Lynne Goldberg, Carol Keller, Toni Scharff. 3rd row: Mishele Vieira, Marcy Melton, Cindy Kamm.
Back: Chris McKenry, Donna McMillan, Barbara Ricketts


L-R Front: Carolyn Strauss, Barbara Glass, Carol Keller, Estelle Kates. 2nd row: Ann Gambrell, Donna McMillan, Sheila McCurdy, Diana Ryan, Dolores Kaytes, Lynne Gilberg, Toni Scharff.
Back: Steve Skidmore, Marcy Melton, Barbara Ricketts

L-R Front: Claire Flannery, Glorya Schklair, Diana Ryan.
2nd row: Toni Scharff. Back: Barbara Ricketts, Beverly Clower,
Ann Gambrell, Marcy Melton, Carolyn Strauss, Chris Reiter


L-R Front: Carolyn Strauss, Barbara Glass, Beverly Clower,
Jean Furuya. 2nd row: Ann Gambrell, Diana Ryan, Carol Keller,
Esther Simon, Dolores Kaytes, [unknown], Donna McMillan. 
Back: Marcy Melton, Sally Hulem, Ellen Mathis, Chris McKenry,
Jane Reifer, Toni Scharff

L-R Front: Toni Scharff, Carolyn Strauss. 2nd row: Jean Furuya,
Esther Simon, Kevin Hall, 3rd row: Ann Gambrell, Donna McMillan, Beverly Clower, Carol Keller, Lynn Hall. 4th row: Lynne Gilberg,
Barbara Glass, Chris McKenry, Diana Ryan


The Hat Squad! L-R Front: Marcy Melton, Donna McMillan,
Beverly Clower, Bonnie Zoe Winn (San Diego Chapter)
Back: Peggy Marinello (San Diego Chapter), Chris Reiter, Jan Grandprey (San Diego Chapter), Alexis Joseph, Lynn Hall (San Diego Chapter), Ann Gambrell
[This photo was taken at a joint LA-San Diego Golden Circle meeting hosted by Peggy Marinello in Vista, California]



L-R Front: Glorya Schklair, Alexis Joseph, Ann Gambrell, Sally Hulem.
2nd Row: Karen Simon, Beverly Clower, Sheila McCurdy, Jean Furuya, Carolyn Strauss, Barbara Glass, Ann Thurley, Chris Reiter.
Back: Marcy Melton, Steve Skidmore, Janice Kemmer, Diana Ryan

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