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This is an On-Site Class!

JUNE 26, 2017
3 - 5pm PST

 What Every Organizer Should Know About
Helping Client Let Go!


The Presenter: 


Leslie HaberAn Organized Life

Leslie will speak about best practices for helping clients let go of their stuff, the typical challenges that clients have letting go (as well as the more difficult situations) and strategies for you, as a professional organizer, to help your clients through the process.  

In This Class She will Cover:

•    Everyday “Stuff”
•    Memorabilia and Collections
•    Photos and Papers
•    Other Strange Things!

Leslie will share her strategies for not just helping clients eliminate clutter, but offer strategies for POs once their clients decide to take the purge plunge!

•    Donate
•    Sell
•    Gift & more!

Join Leslie as she offers ideas, solutions, and brings up interesting and powerful questions for you to address with your clients.

Leslie Haber, CEO of An Organized Life, is known as “The Organizational TherapistĀ®,” and has served clients in Los Angeles and nationally for over 25 years.  She has been a member of the NAPO LA Chapter since 2007, having proudly served on the board in several roles, most recently as two-term chapter president. 

 Leslie has a unique and holistic approach to working with clients.  Taking into consideration one's environment, family (and/or household) dynamics, PTSD or other emotional issues along with several other factors, Leslie determines the roots of her clients’ disorganization, and works toward helping them achieve their goals.  Leslie’s distinct and empathetic brand of healing has helped hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds in accomplishing their goals, often creating new beginnings and opportunities for her grateful clients.

Someone who’s “heard it all,” when it comes to her clients’ reluctance to purge, Golden Circle member Leslie utilizes a variety of established (and non-traditional) methods to help clients let go of what isn’t serving them.  

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