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Mission Statement: NAPO-LA is an organization dedicated to bringing Southern California area organizers together through networking, education, professional growth, industry updates, support and public awareness.

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Chris McKenry

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Jean Furuya
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Christie Gelsomino
Carlene Faerber
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Toni Scharff
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Jean Furuya
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Sara Getzkin
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Abbey Keusch
Susan Culligan
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Mini Board Minutes

October 2007
  • Board Approved Budget for 2007-2008 Fiscal Year
  • Assistant's List

    The Assistant's List is available as a resource connecting those available to serve as assistants to organizers who need them. To be included on the Assistant's List, send an email to assistant@napola.org. Include your name, phone number and email address. The list is only for members of NAPO-LA and does not guarantee work. The Assistant's List is found here in the newsletter and also under the "Members Only" section of the chapter's website.

    Jennifer Birner

    Chantale Bordonaro

    Joan Chodorow

    Wendy Cross

    Robin Davi

    Cindy Duffy

    Christie Gelsomino

    Carol Hogg

    Abbey Claire Keusch

    Nadine Levy

    Katherine Macey

    Justine Miceli

    Maria Parkinson

    Randy Sandiforth

    Joanna Sletten

    Marie Sooter

    Robin Valdez


    A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. A professional organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefit.
    From the National Association of Professional Organizers

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    20 - NAPO-LA Newsletter is emailed
    22 - Happy Thanksgiving!
    26 - NAPO-LA Board Meeting - 2:30pm
    26 - NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting - 6:15pm

    12 - Golden Circle Meeting
    13 - NAPO Networking Group - Hollywood - 9:30am
    21 - NAPO-LA Leadership Forum - 5:30pm

    1 - Organizing Awards - 6:00pm

    President's Message

    Sherri Shepherd
    to Host 2008
    Los Angeles
    Organizing Awards

    By John Trosko
    and NAPO-LA President

    This is an exciting time for our Chapter. The Los Angeles Organizing Awards event has been set for February 1, 2008.

    What began as a small event just three years ago has now grown to national prominence, with an announcement of new leadership, a new location in Bel Air, and a special celebrity host, Sherri Shepherd. This is an event no chapter member should miss, and is our chapter's contribution to January's "Get Organized Month."

    The Awards honor the best in the organizing industry, including our own Los Angeles professional organizers who set the standard for home and business productivity, as well as for products and services that help consumers and businesses organize everything, manage their time and control habits that can lead to clutter and chaos.

    Sherri Shepherd, actress, comedienne, and co-host of ABC's "The View," will preside at the February 1st, 2008 fundraiser, and will speak about her experience utilizing the services of a professional organizer. After all, what Hollywood Awards season would be complete without a celebrity-studded show honoring the people, products and services that make Los Angeles neater and more productive?

    Overseeing the Awards' "Tiger Team" is NAPO-LA Vice President, Jodie Watson. Jodie enjoys impressive credentials working with celebrities and in her own event management company. As Jodie says, "We love a good label-maker, but at the end of the day the organizing profession is about improving people's lives so they can operate their homes and businesses more efficiently. The Awards celebrate the profession and enable the public to learn, first hand, about the most effective organizing strategies, products and services available."

    NAPO chapters across the country have been solicited to submit videos of their projects or television appearances for a "year in review" recap. Please visit www.napola.org for submission instructions.

    Now is the time to join our team for the Los Angeles Organizing Awards. Assistance and leadership positions are available in marketing, event production, publicity, ticket sales, writing, voting coordination, sponsorships, even serving as a chaperone for our celebrity host or numerous out-of- town visiting presenters.

    So, please get involved in our Awards and join your colleagues on the red carpet on February 1st 2008.

    NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting Information

    Upcoming Meetings

    November Meeting

    Two subjects that seem to make an organizer's heart flutter are The Organizer's Toolbox and Understanding Our Disorganized Clients.  Continuing with the CD theme, on November 26, we will have "Movie Night" complete with popcorn and movie candy.  The movie is a highly acclaimed documentary titled "Pack Rat" and I've invited a recovering chronically disorganized client to join us and add commentary to the film.  Everyone is invited to bring a favorite holiday dessert to share.  Beverages will be served.


    No meeting. Happy Holidays!

    Thank You

    The September meeting got the highest rating of any in my three tenures as Program Director.  Our speaker was Karron Maidment, of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. She captivated the audience by presenting the information about the Chronically Disorganized Client in lay language and relating it directly to the work we do. Her soft style and charming British accent enhanced the experience.  Our heartfelt thanks to her for a job so well done.  She has agreed to return to speak at our February 25, 2008 meeting for Part II, Best Methods for Working With The Chronically Disorganized Client.

    Vice President's Message
    Jodie Watson

    Expo a Success!
    Get Ready for the Organizing Awards!

    by Jodie Watson
    Supreme Organization
    and NAPO-LA Vice President

    I would like to thank EVERYONE who played a part in making The 2007 Organizing Expo so GREAT! From the Task Force team to the Board Members, to our Associate Members and all the volunteers and everyone who purchased a ticket and showed up, we couldn't have done it without you. It really turned out well and we've had so much great feedback. The stage is definitely set to grow and expand this event in future years. If anyone has any ideas on how to continue to make it bigger and better, I would love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

    Now our efforts are focused towards our chapter's next big event. The 3rd Los Angeles Organizing Awards hosted by actress and comedienne, Sherri Shepherd of ABC's "The View" will take place on Friday, February 1, 2008 at The Luxe Hotel in Bel Air. The event is a celebration and culmination of "Get Organized Month." Voting is now open to members and the general public and more than 15 awards will be given out - from Best Home Organizing Product to Best National Television Show to Most Innovative Organizer. To check out all the nomination categories and cast your ballots for your favorites go to www.napola.org.

    NAPO National president Standolyn Robertson will be attending and handing out one of the awards that evening. We will be showing a retrospective of organizers throughout the nation and their achievements during 2007 and I'd like to encourage you to send in any fun and entertaining video footage you have of yourself either working with a client, or media segments that you may have been a part of. As a NAPO-LA member you receive the member rate when purchasing tickets to this prestigious event. To promote your company and save your friends money, purchase a table of eight at this rate per person and receive table signage at your table. There is also a press release available on the website and it would be great if you would forward it on to clients, business associates, friends and family to help spread the word.

    People's lives are profoundly affected by the work that we as professional organizers do. I'm so proud to be a part of NAPO and NAPO-LA. What is exciting about this event is that as it grows, we have an opportunity to make a major contribution by expanding the awareness of what we do to impact the lives of our clients and ultimately the community at large.

    Leadership Forum II Preview

    A NAPO-LA "Get Organized Month"
    Special Event

    Hosted by Organizing Industry Expert
    Dorothy Breininger

    January 21, 2008
    5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
    The Olympic Collection

    • How are you doing in your business?
    • Are you booking enough hours?
    • Do you need a larger piece of the pie?
    • Are you involved in your community?

    Leadership is critical for any successful business. The most successful businesses are led by those who know the importance of commitment to vision and community service.

    Your life is busy. Perhaps you "don't have the time" to get involved in community, nonprofit, or philanthropic activities while you balance your business, family, and personal life. Perhaps you aren't seeing the value of getting involved. Every time you say YES to leadership, you have to say NO to something else. How do you balance the two and still reach your goals?

    We'll give you these answers in a very special evening.

    For the second year, NAPO-LA is offering a thought- provoking forum to propel your leadership skills and grow your business. Organizing industry expert Dorothy Breininger will conduct this 3-hour interactive workshop designed to inspire today's organizers to become tomorrow's leaders of NAPO- LA and most importantly - of their own businesses. Learn Dorothy's secrets as she shares her knowledge of how to be a successful leader. Learn how she turned pitfalls and disappointments into triumphs. Discover your hidden potential and the attraction of signing up, showing up, volunteering, and leadership - in your neighborhood, NAPO, and nationwide.

    Registration is required for this special event.

    Cost: ALL NAPO-LA membership levels complimentary (a benefit of membership); nonmembers $89

    About Dorothy Breininger:
    Dorothy Breininger knows leadership, and she understands the delicate balance between "having a life" and "getting involved." Dorothy is CEO of the Center for Organization, and she devotes her life to teaching others how to design a life you love -- through organizing your pace (time), face (energy and enthusiasm for life), space (your office or environment), and grace (gratitude and spirit).

    Dorothy is a past Board member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, past President of the Los Angeles Chapter, and a member of the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. She has appeared as an expert on the Today Show and the Dr. Phil Show and has been featured in Forbes, Woman's Day, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur magazines.

    Among other books, Dorothy is co-author of Time Efficiency Makeover, a workbook for procrastinators, and The Senior Organizer. Dorothy's compassionate and successful work with everyone from busy moms to seniors, coupled with her willingness to give her time to worthwhile events and charities, has earned her a commendation by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the "National Small Business Champion of the Year Award" from the Small Business Association.

    (Please note that this will take the place of the January chapter meeting, and the meeting starts at 5:30 instead of 6:15.)

    Silent Auction for November

    The Closet - and the Clothes Too!

    Cindy Kamm
    Details etc.

    Cindy Kamm, CPOŽ began her organizing business in 2003. They say, "do what you love and the money will follow." Much to her husband's chagrin, this is exactly what she did.

    Upon launching her business, Cindy immediately joined NAPO and NAPO-LA and has been an active volunteer ever since. Cindy served on the board of NAPO-LA as Treasurer for three years, ran the monthly Silent Auction fundraiser, led teams for GO Month, as well as worked on various conferences and events. Cindy received the President's Award at the Los Angeles Organizing Awards in 2007. In May, she passed the certification exam for professional organizers and is happy to now hold the designation of an inaugural CPOŽ.

    Cindy's specialties include closets, kitchens and home offices. Her philosophy is to create simple systems designed around a client's natural habits that can (hopefully) be maintained. She can walk into a cluttered space and see the finished room in her head. This is very helpful, as most clients are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

    In addition to residential organizing Cindy now wears another hat, that of wardrobe stylist. Not every woman loves to shop, knows fashion or how to put it all together. A self-subscribed fashion maven and declared shop-a-holic, Cindy can not only makeover a closet, but also the woman whose clothes reside in it.

    Cindy is a native Angeleno who shares her husband's passion for food, wine and their adorable dog Montana, the unofficial NAPO-LA mascot. If you would like to know more, or are just looking for a good restaurant tip or sample sale, please place your bids this month!

    NOTE: The Silent Auction is a regular fundraiser for our NAPO-LA chapter and is held at most chapter meetings. Bidding takes place by simply entering your bid on the sign-up sheet as the clipboard circulates the room. The "Winner" is announced at the end of the meeting and is entitled to a one-hour session with the Silent Auction volunteer either in person or on the phone.

    Is It Your Time To Lead?

    Call for Nominations for '08-'09 Board of Directors

    By Chris McKenry
    Get It Together LA!, Immediate Past President

    Are you excited about where this industry is going? Do you want YOUR business to be on the ground floor of the future of organizing? Then nominate yourself to serve on the 2008-2009 NAPO-LA Board of Directors. This is your chance to make a difference, help the chapter, and network with the leaders of this industry.

    Now is the time to submit your desire to run for a position on the NAPO-LA Board of Directors. Members in good standing can nominate themselves for a leadership role on the Board of Directors.

    The Call for Nominations for the 2008-2009 NAPO- LA Board of Directors will take place through February 15, 2008. At that time the nominating committee will determine those eligible for being placed on the ballot.

    Voting will take place on the "members-only" section of www.napola.org. in March. An on-line "Announcement from the Board" will be sent to all members for voting prior to the March chapter meeting. Voting results will be announced at the March chapter meeting and the new term begins May 15, 2008.

    PRESIDENT: Duties include supervising the chapter's business and activities, organizing and presiding over the chapter Board of Directors' meetings and approving obligations and expenditures of the chapter.

    VICE PRESIDENT: Oversees the Los Angeles Organizing Expo in the fall, Los Angeles Organizing Awards, and other special projects at the Presidents request.

    SECRETARY: Recording officer. Prepares and presents chapter meeting minutes and forwards same to National office. Maintains an inventory of official supplies and materials. Oversees the chapter historian, librarian and awards. Assists the past President with elections.

    TREASURER: Responsible for the funds and financial transactions of the chapter. Prepares monthly reports, annual financial review and budget reports.

    DIRECTOR OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Plans, coordinates, and executes the educational portion of the general meetings.

    DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS & TECHNOLOGY: Oversees the communications venues used by the chapter. This includes the newsletter, client referrals, the website, and electronic communications.

    DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP: Responsible for all areas relating to chapter membership including new member applications, annual renewals, verifying status of members at the national level, new member orientation and the EDC program. Approves, processes, and forwards to the National Office all chapter membership applications, oversees membership functions, new member orientation, and the Marketing Director.

    DIRECTOR OF MARKETING: Oversees "Get Organized" Month, public relations, media tracking, special events, and product chair.

    DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION: Oversees all changes to chapter documents such as the Policy & Procedure manuals. Creates special awards at the direction of the Chapter President and takes minutes at chapter board meetings when the Secretary is absent.

    DIRECTOR OF FINANCE: Works with chapter treasurer on special projects. Oversees fundraising activities and events including the Silent Auction.

    The NAPO-LA board consists of the following five executive positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and six other directors.

    To nominate yourself, or someone else, please contact Immediate Past President Chris McKenry (nomination@ napola.org) with the following information: nominee's name, board position of interest, business name, years in business, date nominee joined NAPO-LA, and a statement of why you would like to serve on the Board of Directors.

    Golden Circle Update
    GC Nov 07

    Golden Circle Fall Event

    By Ann Gambrell
    Creative-Time Plus
    and Golden Circle Liaison

    Networking and the sharing of ideas and experiences was the buzz at the final quarterly meeting of the chapter Golden Circle. Fourteen members met on Sunday, October 14th at the home of Diana Ryan, with Carolyn Strauss co-hosting. We dined on a delightful luncheon of Cuban cuisine.

    Chapter Liaison Ann Gambrell brought an update on Golden Circle activities. Discussion ensued regarding a future retirement status for Golden Circle members. Several members offered to look into the possibilities and will meet to discuss and prepare a proposal for presentation to the NAPO national board. Golden Circle members would like to maintain a presence in NAPO even after their retirement from the organizing profession.

    Also discussed was the future of the organizing Tips Project, headed by Golden Circle members. Tips gathered at chapter meetings and by email have been used on the website and in the newsletter. A step forward may include the development of a tips booklet for sale, raising funds for the chapter. The possibility was discussed and members offered to be involved.

    The Golden Circle had a table at the 2007 NAPO-LA EXPO to inform the public and newer members of Golden Circle activities and its members.

    Jean shared information on the Classifieds' coaching and mentoring program and encouraged members to advertise.

    We meet again Saturday, January 12, 2008, with hosts Lynne Gilberg and Toni Scharff.

    For more information on Golden Circle, contact Ann Gambrell
    Email: gambrellann@aol.com

    Golden Circle Column

    What is the Level
    of Your Emotional Sensitivity?

    By Carol Keller, Organizing Experts
    and a Golden Circle Member

    We as organizers are aware of our client's level of emotion, but are we always in touch with ours? In working with your clients are you aware of how you feel? There are many emotions that come to mind - angry, sad, happy, concerned, content, anxious. Or are you just going through the motions and really don't feel anything?

    What information do we need to know from our clients and how does that information affect how we work with them? I believe that the "what happened" is paramount in knowing how we can assist our clients in becoming organized. Some examples of "what happened" are:

    • Birth
    • Death
    • Family Move
    • Job Change
    • Divorce
    • Marriage...maybe a second which creates a blended family
    • It could even be as benign as having the carpets cleaned!!

    Are you in tune with your client's situation and how she or he is feeling? There are personal emotional issues that we need to deal with as we are working with our clients.

    Can you:

    • relate to your clients' particular issues?
    • separate your own emotion from the practical situation?
    • provide the solutions even though you may not comprehend their situations?

    I want to share a very special scenario that taught me a great deal about my emotional involvement with my clients.

    This client is named Marie (not her real name) and the first time I met her, I was completely appalled by the condition of her home. There was not even a pathway from the front door, so my colleague and I started at the front door with garbage bags and worked our way in.

    We learned that Marie had lived with her mother and aunt until they both died when Marie was in her 40's. She was unable to function in any aspect of her home and in fact had no idea how to do all the day- to-day chores that are second nature to most of us. She allowed her dog to defecate in the house, dirty dishes were piled in all of the rooms for days, garbage littered every floor and one room was stacked to the ceiling with boxes that hadn't been moved for 7 years.

    Three of us worked with Marie for three years. Marie's diagnosis from her doctor was depression, ADD, compulsive buying and a myriad of physical problems. As we continued working with her, she did gain some organizing skills. I learned that I did not want to leave her, as I felt that we were really saving her life. At one point, she hosted a party in her home and even began going out with friends. Unfortunately, she began to backslide and her house today is close to what it was when we started.

    What I have learned from working with Marie and other special clients over the years is this:

    I need to:

    • treat every client independently and respect his or her situation;
    • be a good listener;
    • be open-minded and not judge anyone based on the physical appearance of their homes;
    • check in with myself to make sure I am serving each client well.

    Make sure that you are aware of your own emotional barometer and in touch with your own emotions as you help your clients create solutions that will work for them.

    October 2007 Volunteer of the Month
    Cary Brazeman-headshot

    Q & A with
    Cary Brazeman

    What is your business name?
    Garage Envy

    When did you start your business?

    Where do you do business?
    Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Orange Counties.

    How did you get into organizing as a profession?
    The company's founders have backgrounds in construction and industrial design. They recognized that garages are the final organizing frontier - that there's no reason garages can't be as organized, functional and stylish as the rest of the house. So they designed a storage and organization system just for the garage, with attributes not found in interior systems.

    How did you come to join NAPO and/or NAPO- LA?
    NAPO members are at the forefront of home organizing. We view our garage system, and our designers, as a complement to what NAPO members do everyday.

    What has been your experience volunteering in NAPO-LA, and the benefits of volunteering?
    NAPO appreciates the contributions of volunteers. I think everyone should volunteer. It's also a great way to get to know other NAPO members.

    Is there anything you would like to say about yourself?
    As an Associate Member of NAPO I'm sensitive to being seen as selling something. Don't think of me as a salesman but as a garage guy who wants to help you make your clients happier!

    NOTE: Have you volunteered yet to help out NAPO-LA in some way? Then you, too, could be voted "Volunteer of the Month" or even "Volunteer of the Year." And when you are, it will be your turn to share your story, so that all of us in NAPO-LA will get to know you just a little bit better!

    To find out about volunteer opportunities, contact Abbey Keusch
    Email: abbeyclaire@sbcglobal.net
    Phone: 323-461-9555

    Tips Program
    Remind resized


    Get two attractive, sturdy baskets to keep at the foot and the head of the stairs, or if you have a one-story home, at two ends of the house. Everything that needs to go upstairs, downstairs, or to another part of the house goes in these baskets, and once a day or every other day, you just pick them up and travel to wherever the contents need to live. Makes keeping those stray items contained and managed.

    Submitted by Susan Culligan
    Got to Get Organized

    It's Outta Here!

    Keep a basket or decorative box near the exit door of your home to hold items to take with you when you leave each day. Included could be dry cleaning, DVDs to return, books to the library, kids' backpacks, etc.

    Submitted by Ann Gambrell
    Creative Time Plus

    About the TIPS Program:
    NAPO-LA's TIPS Program is managed by the chapter's Golden Circle members. Ann Gambrell is the chair and invites all chapter members to submit their organizing tips via email or on index cards that will be available at the monthly chapter meetings for deposit into the "Organizing Tips" box.

    TIPS are requested in two categories:

  • "Tips from Pros" are organizing tips for clients/the public.
  • "Tips of the Trade" are tips for organizers to use in their businesses.
  • When submitting TIPS, you are invited (optional) to include your name, business name and contact information. This will serve to promote you when the client/public TIPS are posted on the NAPO-LA website's home page.

    Email your TIPS to: gambrellann@aol.com

    NAPO in the Schools
    Deborah preferred

    Updated Report

    By Deborah Kawashima,creativeOrganizer
    NAPO in the Schools Committee Chair

    NAPO in the Schools is up and running nationwide! What started as a small program here in our Los Angeles chapter has grown into a nationwide program, striking a chord with professional organizers who share the same passion for working with and educating students.

    This community outreach program brings professional organizers into the classroom to do a forty-minute interactive presentation that plants a seed in the students' minds that being organized is important and really does make a difference.

    Training is required of all NAPO members wanting to become NAPO in the Schools Trained Providers for the elementary program and is available to you as a benefit of your NAPO membership. National training calls began in September.

    NAPO-LA members had the opportunity to be trained in person in October by Deborah Kawashima, the national committee chair. Attendees became NAPO in the Schools Trained Providers and are now qualified to give the elementary presentations. (Additional grade levels, when they become available, will require their own training.) The NAPO-LA members who took the LA Training are: Karen Deluca-Walton, Los Angeles, CA; Cindy Duffy, Redondo Beach, CA; Christie Gelsomino, Santa Clarita, CA; Millie Hinkle, Upland, CA; Diana Ryan, Culver City, CA; Fay Wolf, Los Angeles, CA; Beth Zeigler, Los Angeles, CA.

    Sign-ups for the national training calls are posted on the NAPO in the Schools web pages, located in the "members only" section of the NAPO website. After November, the training calls will resume at the end of January.

    Please contact Deborah Kawashima for questions.
    Email: deborah@creativeorganizer.com
    Phone: 323-656-9665

    Members in the News

    Chris McKenry of Get It Together LA! and NAPO-LA Past President recently appeared in "STYLE: A Show for You" on WBIR-TV 10 in Tennessee. The segment gave tips on organizing cosmetics and travel.

    CD Clients Support Group

    Helping CD Clients Set Goals

    By Jean Furuya
    The Office Jeanie

    If you are a member of NAPO-LA working consistently and on an ongoing basis with chronically disorganized clients, you are invited to participate in an informal support group. Our topic of discussion will be on "Helping CD Clients Set Goals." We will also continue to work on "Resources: How can we help the indigent hoarders?". Please bring resources to share. We will also spend time sharing our individual issues.

    Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 15, from 6 - 8:30pm. Limited to 10 attendees.

    A simple potluck is planned.

    To RSVP or for more information, contact Jean Furuya
    Email: jean@theofficejeanie.com
    Phone: 310-316-1753

    NAPO-LA EDC Program

    Mentors and Coaches Directory

    The Educational Development Committee (formerly the Mentoring, Education and Training Committee) has provided a listing of organizing consultants in NAPO-LA who are available to provide guidance, advice and support to potential, new, and existing professional organizers.

    If you are interested, contact the consultants directly for information and fees. NAPO-LA provides the listings only and has no involvement with the consultant and/or the organizer or client. Click below for details:

    Mentors and Coaches Directory

    Looking for guidance in your organizing business?
    This is the place!


    Mentors and Coaches Directory

    Organizers offering their services:
    Jean Furuya
    The Office Jeanie
    Dolores Kaytes
    Sheila McCurdy
    clutter STOP
    Jodi McDaniel
    CSG by Design, Inc.
    Donna McMillan
    McMillan & Company


    Luxury Closets


    Get It Together LA's award winning designs and custom construction will satisfy your wardrobe's organizing requirements and meet your discerning taste.

    Jewelry Drawers
    Built-in Hampers
    Tie, Belt, & Handbag Compartments
    Finest Finishes

    Call 323-525-0678 today and ask about our NAPO referral program.



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