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NAPO Los Angeles

Mission Statement: NAPO-LA is an organization dedicated to bringing Southern California area organizers together through networking, education, professional growth, industry updates, support and public awareness.

NAPO-Los Angeles
PMB 134, 10573 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone 213-486-4477

NAPO-Los Angeles
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Jodie Watson

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Toni Scharff

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Susan Culligan

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John Harris

Director of Membership:
Chantale Bordonaro

Director of Professional Development:
Dolores Kaytes

Immediate Past President:
Chris McKenry

Coordinators &
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Associate Members:
Barb Schmit
Jodi McDaniel
EDT Program:
Jean Furuya
Golden Circle:
Ann Gambrell
Greeter Coordinator:
Christie Gelsomino
Elizabeth Butler
Charlotte Mathews
Barbara Ricketts
Christie Gelsomino
Carlene Faerber
Meeting Assistant:
Toni Scharff
NAPO in the Schools:
Deborah Kawashima
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Jean Furuya
Ann Gambrell
Sara Getzkin
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John Harris
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Silent Auction:

Volunteer Coordinator:
Abbey Keusch
Susan Culligan
Laura Johnson

The Los Angeles Organizer
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Claire Flannery

Laura Johnson

Sheila McCurdy
Toni Scharff

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    Membership Report

    July Chapter Meeting
    43 Members
    5 Visitors (record-breaking number!)
    48 Total Attendance

    August Chapter Meeting
    44 Members
    6 Visitors
    50 Total Attendance

    Total NAPO-LA Membership is 123

    Mini Board Minutes

    July 2007
  • MemberClicks to be discontinued
  • Organizing Expo prices set
  • Two new EDC classes planned for October

    August 2007
  • New NAPO-LA Logo must be used
  • Luxe Hotel approved as venue for LA Organizing Awards
  • New LA Membership Rates approved

    Assistant's List

    The Assistant's List is available as a resource connecting those available to serve as assistants to organizers who need them. To be included on the Assistant's List, send an email to Include your name, phone number and email address. The list is only for members of NAPO-LA and does not guarantee work. The Assistant's List is found here in the newsletter and also under the "Members Only" section of the chapter's website.

    Marie Sooter

    Rhoda Webster

    Laura Johnson

    Susan Eleftherakis

    Justine Miceli

    Maria Parkinson

    Joanna Sletten

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    Robin Davi

    Christi Gelsomino
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    A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. A professional organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefit.
    From the National Associaton of Professional Organizers

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    President's Message

    Fall into Organizing to Boost Your Business

    By John Trosko
    and NAPO-LA President

    We may live in sunny Southern California, but that doesn't mean we're immune to "seasonal" changes in the weather and in our population. By the time my President's message is received, the glorious Labor Day holiday will have passed, children all over the Southland will have headed back to school, various elections will be in full-swing, and planning for the holidays (at least for the organized) will have begun. Which leads me to ask: what plans do you have for your fourth quarter? How are you proactively preparing for your business to grow?

    In Los Angeles, our organizing businesses are not limited by weather. No need to trek through downpours or shovel driveways to get to a client's home (not to mention organizing four seasons of clothing). We are fortunate. There are many business opportunities unique to our region - ways to continue to meet the needs of our clients year-round and not just seasonally or for a one-time project.

    Culling holiday ornaments, developing greeting card address lists, updating databases, (intelligently) shopping for gifts and preparing for the onslaught of the visitors (or, "snowbirds," as we call them in the east) are all services we can provide. Are you contacting each and every client now, early, to avoid the holiday "organizing" rush? Are you suggesting trusted vendors to help ease the burden of "getting things done?"

    For some clients, extra careful planning and support may make all the difference. That extra bit of shopping crush can be gracefully coached to ensure the right items are sought, ones that will be used, loved, and cherished (not just tossed into a drawer.) This goes for residential clients as well as corporate. The story is still the same. Show your value and appreciation for opportunity.

    So how will you use this time? Get a head start now by contacting each and every one of your clients. Or maybe start an advertising campaign for holiday specific projects. Or jump start a business relationship with a holiday decorator. You might even consider getting additional education at the NAPO-San Francisco regional conference on October 27. Or, better yet, get more involved in our own chapter programs.

    Whatever you choose to do this fall, be clear about your business objectives, and plan to make them all a reality before year's end.

    NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting Information
    Karron speaker

    Upcoming Meetings

    September 24
    The Chronically Disorganized Client

    How do you handle clients who hoard, shop excessively and in general have difficulty letting go? The most frequently requested meeting topic is for help in dealing with the chronically disorganized. Our featured speaker for September, Karron Maidment, RN, LMFT, is both a registered nurse and a marriage and family therapist. She works as a behavior therapist and is program coordinator for the UCLA Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Intensive Treatment Program, which treats people with severe and disabling OCD including compulsive hoarding.

    For the past 15 years until just recently, Karron was the research associate for the UCLA OCD Research Program. She was involved in research focusing on functional brain imaging and treatment of OCD. In recent years this research was increasingly focused on the problem of compulsive hoarding. Karron is author/co-author of 30+ OCD and hoarding-related publications. She frequently consults on OCD and hoarding documentaries.

    More recently Karron branched out into private practice and works with a number of patients who have problems with compulsive hoarding.

    Be sure to attend the September meeting and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to learn from an expert in this field.

    October 22
    LA Organizing Expo

    In place of our regular monthly meeting, please join us at our third annual LA Organizing Expo. This event will be open to the public for the first time! Get inspired with fresh resources, potential new alliances, educational opportunities and more networking time with your colleagues. Vendor applications and ticket purchase forms can be found on our website.

    NOTE: See related article by Jodi Watson.


    Thanks to Dr. Cal Caswell of the Small Business Development Center at Loyola Marymount U. for being our featured speaker in July. We now know that his department provides a FREE service to small business owners who are in need of assistance in running a successful business. Marketing advice, writing a business plan and applying for a loan are some of the services the SBDC provides at no charge.

    And a huge merci, gracias, danke to the Golden Circle Panel members Robin Davi, Sheila McCurdy, Kristine Oller, Jean Furuya and Tanya Whitford, moderator. In the spirit of cooperation, they all agreed to move their panel discussion, "Dealing with Difficult Clients," to August instead of September as originally scheduled. We really appreciate their flexibility. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and insight. You illuminated an area not often addressed but so very important.

    NAPO LA Expo
    Jodie Watson

    Don't Miss It!

    by Jodie Watson
    Supreme Organization
    and NAPO-LA Vice President

    Another exciting event is almost here. Yes, The 3rd Annual Los Angeles Organizing Expo will take place in just a few weeks.

  • DATE: Monday, October 22
  • TIME: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • PLACE: Olympic Collection

    This event, to be held in lieu of our regular October chapter meeting, is not only a great fundraising opportunity for our chapter but also an excellent chance for us to see the newest organizing products up close and personal. This year, for the first time, some of our exhibitors will give a 15 minute how-to demonstration of their products in our new "Organizing Theatre." It will be an awesome evening to network, eat, learn something new, (did I say eat?) all while discovering the latest trends and products in the organizing buisness.

    Please help make this event a huge success by bringing along friends, family and clients. Purchase extra tickets in advance online at a reduced rate and perhaps consider gifting them to clients or co-workers as a thank you for their business and support.

    Contact me at if you would like to be included on the events team to help run this event on October 22. We can all do our part to put The Los Angeles Organizing Expo on the map as the event for showcasing products, resources, books, and services geared toward making life more organized in Southern California.

    Look forward to seeing you there!

  • NAPO-LA Annual Dues

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    2007-08 Dues Levels for Regular Members:

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    2007-08 Dues Levels for Associate Members

    We are proud to introduce new incentives and benefits for NAPO-LA Associate Members this coming year.

    Branch Associate Member ($150) - Operates as a local branch or regional office of a Corporate Associate Member.

    Local Associate Member ($275) - A locally-based, self-operating retailer, supplier, designer, or independent sales representative primarily in the manufacture, distribution, and/or sales of organizational equipment, supplies, or organizing industry services.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTE: Late payment fee of $25 applies for renewals received after September 30. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Once again, thank you for supporting the founding chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers. We look forward to another year of continuing education, publicity, leadership training, professional credibility, and networking with colleagues and friends.

    Please email Nadine Levy or Chantale Bordonaro for more information.

    Click here to renew

    NAPO-San Francisco Regional Conference
    SF regional logo 07

    One Day Conference on October 27

    The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NAPO will hold its 19th Annual Regional Conference on Saturday, October 27, at the San Ramon Marriott Hotel in San Ramon, California, an East Bay suburb of San Francisco. The theme of this year's conference is "Balance Realized."

    This popular one-day event features: a dynamic keynote speaker; 18 information-filled workshops covering a wide range of issues and topics geared to professional organizers; networking with 200 colleagues; and an organizing expo with vendors featuring their newest products.

    For more information, click here

    Organized Karma

    Craig's Karma

    By Sara Getzkin
    Hands On! Organizing Services

    Question: What do car parts, moving boxes, old magazines, fresh lemons, a roll of insulation and Dodger Baseball tickets have in common?
    Answer: You can find them all on Craig's List.

    You've heard of it but you've never been there. Your neighbor used it once for something or other. You've been meaning to visit the website but you just haven't had the time. Take two minutes and go to right now - well, OK, after you've read this article. If you haven't bookmarked it yet, you will.

    What is it? Craig's List is one of the best FREE resources we as professional organizers have. It's a global and local community online. Think of an endless classified section of the newspaper but without all the small print and smudges. It's an online "place" to sell, trade, and give-away stuff, find professional services, discover social activities and share all sorts of information. It all started in San Francisco by a guy named Craig, and now there are over 300 sites in all 50 states and more than 50 countries. Sound too overwhelming and too big? Just use the "Los Angeles" link and it becomes a lot more manageable.

    Why should I use it? It's free and it can help you clear your clients' clutter! More than 15 million people use Craig's List each month and there are over 12 million new classified ads published monthly as well! It's quick and simple to use, and clients are always impressed when they see a Craig's List transaction in progress. I had a client who was reluctant to part with her duplicate arts & craft supplies. When I told her I had found a school in the area (via Craig's List) that was looking for donations, she was very happy to contribute.

    My two favorite sections are "Free" and "Wanted".

    As indicated, everything in the "Free" section is totally FREE! Over the years, I have found tons of free moving boxes for my clients. I love passing along the savings AND recycling at the same time.

    In the "Wanted" section, people are looking for things like computers, furniture and collections to buy. After searching this section, I found a buyer for a client's antique horseracing memorabilia. She was quite happy!

    If you have specific questions regarding Craig's List,
    Email: sara@

    NOTE: "Organized Karma" is an occasional column focusing on donation and recycling resources.

    Mark Your Calendars

    EDC Plans Two October Training Sessions

    (1) Running a Successful
    Organizing Business

    We are pleased to have Lynn and Kevin Hall present a topic that has been requested by so many members in our recent survey. They will give thorough guidelines for organizers who want to improve their skills on the business side of the organizing business.

    (2) It's About Time...
    Time Management Strategies
    for You and Your Clients

    In the afternoon, our own Chris Reiter will teach us all about a subject with which she has had great experience. This class on time management will cover both personal and business issues, as well as how you can help your clients improve their own time management skills.

    The sessions will be offered on Saturday, October 13.

    For further details, contact Jean Furuya
    Phone: 310-316-1753

    Golden Circle Column

    To Shop
    or Not To Shop

    By Kristine Oller
    Personalized Organization
    and a Golden Circle Member

    It can happen in the blink of an eye. You are talking with a client about items they need to buy to continue the organizing project. You know exactly what they need, you know exactly where to get it, and you absolutely don't trust that they will follow through before your next session. Maybe you suspect that they will buy cheaper, less effective versions - or get the wrong size - or skimp on quantity. Suddenly you blurt out, "I can pick those things up for you." Whoa, now you've either volunteered for a few hours of unpaid work or initiated a conversation regarding additional compensation for that activity.

    Organizers vary widely in their approaches to shopping for clients. Some only do so if they are paid (at full or reduced rates). Others offer shopping as a complimentary perk to favored clients. There are organizers who flat out won't shop and there are those who limit shopping to online only (shipping the items directly to the clients' homes).

    Over the years, depending on the client and the circumstances, I've done all of the above. And, regrettably, I know I've given away far too much of my valuable time in this manner. But that doesn't have to happen to you.

    If I were starting my business over again, one of the first changes I would make would be to educate clients about the value of my shopping services and declare my rate for them. Posting such info on your website and/or presenting it to new clients prior to (or at) the first session will save you time and make you money. When you tell a client "I'll pick that up for you," naturally, they are grateful to have one less errand to do. Beyond that though, the full value of what you are offering will probably not cross their minds, which is why some folks resist the notion of paying extra for this "favor."

    It is your responsibility to educate your clients that you will:

    • drive to/from stores
    • measure/evaluate items with skilled eyes
    • select multiple options
    • purchase items
    • store items in your car/home
    • return unneeded items to stores
    and that they will benefit because there is no need for them to:
    • squeeze shopping into their schedules
    • have items sitting around their homes until the next session
    • keep track of receipts or make returns
    • worry - this is the most efficient, effective way to meet their exact needs - which is why your rate for this service is ________.

    Educating your clients specifically and persuasively about the value and benefits of each service you offer lowers their resistance to your rates. Writing down such information eliminates any need for you to uncomfortably converse, negotiate or compromise. Plus, by formalizing your shopping (or any other ancillary service) in this way, whenever you do decide to offer the service as a bonus or include it in a "package deal", the client, now comprehending its full value, will acknowledge and appreciate the gift that it is.

    July 2007 Volunteer of the Month
    Tanya W 2

    Q&A with Tanya Whitford, CPO®

    What is your business name?
    Organizing Wonders

    When did you start your business?

    Where do you do business?
    Los Angeles and surrounding areas

    How did you get into organizing as a profession?
    Back in 1999, while bartending at the Burbank Airport and working on my acting career, I felt like I was wasting away. I wanted to pursue acting, but do something more challenging as well. I decided to start a business and narrowed it down to a pet sitting service or doing all the stuff people hate to do but I loved to do: clean out garages and organize papers! At the time, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a professional organizer.

    How did you come to join NAPO and/or NAPO-LA?
    I had an organizing book and at the back it mentioned something called NAPO. This was before NAPO or NAPO-LA had websites. I checked the Los Angeles hot-line number and found out there was a meeting and decided to attend. Jean Furuya and then President Amy Siu were kind enough to welcome me and I was hooked. I decided that this was going to be the business I started. Even though I felt like such a small fish in a big pond at that meeting, I was so happy to finally meet a lot of people just like me!

    What has been your experience volunteering in NAPO-LA, the benefits of volunteering?
    At my third meeting, I volunteered to be the newsletter editor and publisher. I had no experience, but something made me raise my hand and volunteer. I soon realized that the best way to learn to do something was to volunteer first, get trained by NAPO-LA, and then add the skill to my own business. I repeated that tactic when I became the website webmaster which I did for five years. Had I not volunteered to do something I had no idea how to do, I wouldn't be able to maintain my own website now. I also served on the Board of Directors for several years as Secretary, Communications Director, President and Past President. It was an amazing experience and really shaped who I am as a person and an organizer. I have held probably 20 different chapter and national volunteer positions over the last eight years and I treasure each of those experiences. I cannot imagine being in NAPO without being involved somehow.

    What are your main organizing interests and areas of organizing?
    I love working with families and dealing with paper! Because of my background in the entertainment business, I do a lot of work with creative types. I am also an ADD Specialist and a CD Specialist through NSGCD. I really enjoy having a variety of clients and projects to keep things interesting.

    Tell us something about the personal side of Tanya Whitford.
    I graduated from Northwestern University with a theatre degree after which I spent a few years doing odd jobs while pursuing an acting career. My biggest accomplishment was working hard and putting myself through college. That taught me discipline and helped me perfect the art of budgeting. While some of the bit parts I have had on TV are still repeating after all these years, acting has taken a backseat to organizing. I like to travel and use my passport at least once a year to go somewhere I have never been before. I was married last year to a comedian who is the perfect balance in my life. We are expecting our first child in January and looking forward to this next phase of life!

    NOTE: Have you volunteered yet to help out NAPO-LA in some way? Then you, too, could be voted "Volunteer of the Month" or even "Volunteer of the Year." And when you are, it will be your turn to answer these questions so that all of us in NAPO-LA will get to know you just a little bit better!

    To find out about volunteer opportunities, contact Abbey Keusch
    Phone: 323-461-9555

    Tips Program
    Remind resized

    Create a Binder to Show Clients

    Create a three-ring binder with sheet protectors and dividers for your favorite organizing pictures to show clients your ideas and possible solutions to their situations.

    Submitted by Esther Simon
    The Traditional Home

    A Shelving Unit Can Help

    For clients who are used to putting things to be decided upon in a junk room, help them scale down by designating one deep shelving unit with shelves labeled - to sell - to repair - to return - to store, etc.

    Submitted by Diana Ryan
    The Joyful Organizer

    About the TIPS Program:
    NAPO-LA's TIPS Program is managed by the chapter's Golden Circle members. Ann Gambrell is the chair and invites all chapter members to submit their organizing tips via email or on index cards that will be available at the monthly chapter meetings for deposit into the "Organizing Tips" box.

    TIPS are requested in two categories:

  • "Tips from Pros" are organzing tips for clients/the public.
  • "Tips of the Trade" are tips for organizers to use in their businesses.

    When submitting TIPS, you are invited (optional) to include your name, business name and contact information. This will serve to promote you when the client/public TIPS are posted on the NAPO-LA website's home page.

    Email your TIPS to:

  • NAPO in the Schools
    Deborah preferred

    Training Session Scheduled for October 20

    By Deborah Kawashima
    and Chair of NAPO in the Schools

    The NAPO in the Schools elementary program, which began in NAPO-LA, is finally ready to be launched nationwide!

    At our June chapter meeting I presented a mini introduction of the elementary program commencing this fall. NAPO-LA members had the pleasure of meeting "Drake," our disorganized student who learns about the benefits of being organized. NAPO-LA members were also given a glimpse of the organizing exercise that teaches the students the basic principals of sorting. NAPO in the Schools is an excellent opportunity to volunteer, get involved with your chapter and connect with your local community.

    NAPO in the Schools is a community outreach program that brings professional organizers into the classroom to do a forty-minute interactive presentation. Training is required of all NAPO members wanting to become trained facilitators for the elementary program. The first nationwide training calls will be scheduled for the last week of September. Sign-up will be posted on the NAPO in the Schools web page, expected to be ready by mid- September.

    As taskforce chair and NAPO-LA liaison, I will be conducting a training class on Saturday, October 20, from 10 am - 1 pm, in Community Room A at the Westside Pavilion, 10800 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles. All NAPO-LA members are invited!

    Questions and to sign-up for the NAPO-LA training session,
    Phone: 323-656-9665

    New NAPO-LA Members

    A Warm Welcome to
    Newest Members!

    Michelle Cloney
    Los Angeles

    Clearly Functional
    Van Nuys

    Camera Shy!

    Kimberly Morganella
    Woodland Hills

    Eva Brown Botnitck
    Los Angeles

    Marc Levey
    Digital Footprints

    Teine Kenney
    Organizethis, Inc.
    Newbury Park

    Susan Marshall
    Rancho Palos Verdes

    NOTE: "Warm Welcome" is a new feature of The Los Angeles Organizer. If you just joined NAPO-LA, be sure to get your photo taken at the next chapter meeting! Or email your photo to the Editor along with your name, your business name, where you live, and the date you joined.Send to

    CD Clients Support Group

    Helping Indigent Hoarders

    By Jean Furuya
    The Office Jeanie

    If you are a member of NAPO-LA working consistently and on an ongoing basis with chronically disorganized clients, you are invited to participate in an informal support group. Our topic of discussion will be "Resources: How We Can Help Indigent Hoarders." Please bring resources to share. Also, time will be spent sharing individual issues.

    This meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 9, from 6 - 8:30 pm. Limited to 10 attendees.

    A simple potluck is planned.

    To RSVP or for more information, contact Jean Furuya
    Phone: 310-316-1753

    Product Spotlight
    Gus Garage Man

    Slatwall for All

    By Gus Gousas
    Associate Member, OrganizIT!

    Are you tired of tripping over the mess in your garage because things are all over the floor? OrganizIT! can help by leveraging the wall space you already have with a great new product -SLATWALL!

    OrganizIT!'s slatwall is actually paneling that you attach to your garage walls, which then allows you to hang everything on the walls. Slatwall attaches to either your exposed beam walls or to your existing drywall. The beauty of slatwall is that it turns your garage walls into a flexible, modular organizational system and the best part is that slatwall is not permanent. Simply slide standard slatwall accessories (hooks, racks, shelves, cabinets) into the slatwall grooves on the wall. If you need to make a change, slide the slatwall accessory off the wall and move it elsewhere. You will never have to put another hole in a garage wall again.

    Specifically designed for the rugged, moist environment of the garage, OrganizIT!'s slatwall is different from the particle-board slatwall used in many retail stores. Made from cellular PVC, our slatwall is fire retardant, waterproof, bug proof and can hold approximately 50 pounds per hook. Particle-board slatwall can't. Our slatwall is available in multiple colors with a wood-grain option. And when you want to clean it, you just squirt it down with a hose. It's just that simple.

    So the next time you trip over something in the garage, don't get mad, get slatwall.

    Members in the News

    Donna MacMillan of McMillan & Company Professional Organizing was featured in the Spring 2007 edition of Beyond Open, an American Express publication. The topic focused on personal identity security and the importance of using a shredder regularly.

    NAPO-LA EDC Program

    Mentors and Coaches Directory

    The Educational Development Committee (formerly the Mentoring, Education and Training Committee) has provided a listing of organizing consultants in NAPO-LA who are available to provide guidance, advice and support to potential, new, and existing professional organizers.

    If you are interested, contact the consultants directly for information and fees. NAPO-LA provides the listings only and has no involvement with the consultant and/or the organizer or client. Click below for details:

    Mentors and Coaches Directory

    Looking for guidance in your organizing business?
    This is the place!


    Mentors and Coaches Directory

    Organizers offering their services:
    Jean Furuya
    The Office Jeanie
    Dolores Kaytes
    Sheila McCurdy
    clutter STOP
    Jodi McDaniel
    CSG by Design, Inc.
    Donna McMillan
    McMillan & Company


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