January/February 2007 Volume 14, Issue 2
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NAPO Los Angeles

Mission Statement: NAPO-LA is an organization dedicated to bringing Southern California area organizers together through networking, education, professional growth, industry updates, support and public awareness.

NAPO-Los Angeles
PMB 134, 10573 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone 213-486-4477

NAPO-Los Angeles
Who's Who

Chris McKenry

Vice President:
John Trosko

Cindy Kamm

Carol Hogg

Director of Administration:
Susan Eleftherakis

Director of Communications & Technology:
Susan Culligan

Director of Finance:
Maria Parkinson

Director of Marketing:
Deborah Kawashima

Director of Membership:
Joanna Sletten

Director of Professional Development:
Dolores Kaytes

Immediate Past President:
Robin L. Davi

Coordinators &
Committee Chairs

Associate Member Coordinator:
Barb Schmit
Jodi McDaniel
GO Month Coordinator:
Michelle Quintana
Golden Circle Advisor:
Ann Gambrell
Greeting Coordinator:
Toni Scharff
Historian (Scrapbooker):
Christie Gelsomino
Carlene Faerber
Meeting Assistant:
Toni Scharff
MET Program Coordinator:
Jean Furuya
NAPO in the Schools Coordinator:
Karen Stark
New Member Orientation:
Jean Furuya
Ann Gambrell
Sara Getzkin
Public Relations Coordinator:
John Harris
Registration Assistant:

Silent Auction:
Maria Parkinson
Volunteer Coordinator:
Abbey Keusch
Susan Culligan
Susan Eleftherakis
Toni Scharff
Rhoda Webster

The Los Angeles Organizer
Newsletter Staff

Claire Flannery

Laura Johnson

Sheila McCurdy
Toni Scharff

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National Membership

Annual Dues:
$200 - Individual
$150 - Associate-Branch
$250 - Associate-Local
$550 - Associate-Corporate
$20 - New Member One-Time Processing Fee

Chapter Membership

  • NAPO National membership required.
  • Membership includes electronic newsletter.
    Annual Dues (Oct. to Sept.):
    $100 - Level 1 - Basic Member w/website listing
    $150 - Level 2 - Basic Member w/website listing and paid meeting fees (Available only with annual renewal in September.)
    $150 - Associate Member/Branch
    $250 - Associate Member/Local
    $25 - New/Lapsed Member Processing Fee
    $10 - Meeting Fee
    $25 - Visitor Meeting Fee

    Membership Report

    November Chaper Meeting
    40 Members
    9 Visitors
    49 Total Attendance

    Welcome New Members!


    Carol Ann Timmel, Hermosa Beach
    Tough Love Loss

    Carlene Faerber, Oxnard
    She Organizes Stuff

    Mini Board Minutes

    October 2006
  • Leadership Forum will be held on January 13, 2007.
  • Still looking for charity ideas for GO Month; have charity, go on for application.

    • Polo shirts will be available by next meeting.
    • Carol Hogg will be taking Naomi Altman’s place as Secretary.
    • All board members should review their portion of the Policies & Procedure manual by January 1, 2007, so changes can be made.
      ~Submitted by Naomi Altman
      The Space Case
      NAPO-LA Secretary~

        Assistant's List

        The Assistant's List is available as a resource connecting those available to serve as assistants to organizers who need them. To be included on the Assistant's List, send an email to Include your name, phone number and email address. The list is only for members of NAPO-LA and does not guarantee work. The Assistant's List is found here in the newsletter and also under the "Members Only" section of the chapter's website.

        Laura Johnson

        Susan Eleftherakis

        Abby Keusch

        Justine Miceli

        Maria Parkinson

        Cheryl Perkins

        Dee Saar

        Joanna Sletten

        Robin Valdez

        Wendy Cross

        Lani Gallegos

        Carol Hogg

        Joan Chodorow


        A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. A professional organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefit.
        From the National Associaton of Professional Organizers

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        For more information on becoming a NAPO member, click here.

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    • Reminder:
      The Los Angeles Organizer is published bimonthly. Look for "Announcements from the Board" in between issues. Deadline for submissions for the March/April newsletter is February 25.


      January 2007
      January is "Get Organized Month"
      15 "Get Organized" Month day-long event
      20 January/February Newsletter is emailed
      22 NAPO-LA Board Meeting - 2:30 pm
      22 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting - 6:15 pm

      3 LA Organizing Awards Banquet
      8 CD Support Group Meeting - 6 pm
      25 Deadline for submissions for March/April newsletter
      26 NAPO-LA Board Meeting - 2:30 pm
      26 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting - 6:15 pm
      28 Call for Nominations for NAPO-LA Board ends

      *Annual Election of NAPO-LA Board of Directors
      20 March/April Newsletter is emailed
      26 NAPO-LA Board Meeting - 2:30 pm
      26 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting - 6:15 pm

      President's Message

      Achievements and Inspiration

      By Chris McKenry
      Get It Together LA!
      and NAPO-LA President

      During every “awards season” we hear professionals speak of their sources of inspiration. In the entertainment industry, actors often relate stories of those great icons of the past whom they admired as they molded their crafts.

      Do you remember what inspired you to become an organizer? Not why you are an organizer; but what or who lead you to take this path for a career? What exactly at NAPO-LA has caused your business to excel?

      On February 3 we will gather to celebrate the achievements of a relatively new profession. This is your celebration and what you think is really important. Please take a moment to email a couple of sentences to me about the “inspiration of your achievements.” Just click here and type away. . Whether humorous or serious, your thoughts just might be shared during the awards program.

      Invite your spouse, bring a date, or take a client to the NAPO-LA hosted “red carpet” celebration for professional organizers and those who appreciate us. Can last year’s labeled centerpieces be topped? You bet.

      You deserve a night on the town and who knows, you might be caught by the lights of the paparazzi!

      Don't Miss the Awards Gala!

      The 2nd Annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards Gala, to be held on Saturday, February 3, is the premier national event celebrating the contributions of individuals, retailers, authors, corporations, and media who promote the advancement of the professional organizing industry. Recipients, chosen by NAPO-LA members and the general public (who voted at during the month of November), will be honored.

      Ceremony Hosted by Dave Linden
      Special Guest NAPO President Barry Izsak

      6:00 - 7:30 pm
      Hors d'oeuvres, No-Host Cocktails & Silent Auction

      7:30 - 9:30 pm
      Dinner and Awards



      Do you know a vendor, travel agent, restaurant, etc., which would like to make a donation to the Awards Gala Silent Auction or to the Goodie Bags (150 items)? If so, please contact Dee Saar.

      For information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Chris McKenry at 323-525-0678 or John Trosko at 323-512-7039 or email .

      For More Information, click here.

      NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting Information

      Upcoming Meetings

      By Dolores Kaytes
      Highly- Organized
      and NAPO-LA Director of
      Professional Development

      January 22
      Recycle Responsibility

      An intrinsic part of our business is helping clients to let go of that which no longer serves them. They then depend on us, the experts, to know where and how to recycle or donate all types of waste and discarded materials. At the January meeting we will hear from experts about recycling chemical, medical and everyday waste, vital information for all of us. You will come away with a resource list of agencies and locations for proper recycling. Any member who has a favorite charity or a recycling, shredding resource is invited to forward that information to

      February 26
      The Organizer's Tool Box

      Our February meeting is an apt follow-up to the February 3 organizing awards gala. NAPO-LA associate members will be featured as our presenters. Barb Schmit and a panel of industry members will introduce new tools, equipment and supplies that both residential and office organizers can use. Members are encouraged to showcase some of their own creations adapted from existing materials and supplies. If you have a favorite item that you would like to demonstrate, please email


      Bill Murray of Rock Solid Achievements presented an outstanding workshop preview at our November meeting. He is a polished speaker whose delivery was clear and concise and his materials were easy to grasp. We thank him for motivating so many to attend the recent premier NAPO-LA event, “The Leadership Forum,” held on January 13.


      Another successful "GO Month" event ("Get Organized Month") was held on January 15. A total of 18 NAPO-LA members volunteered to help organize the offices of The American Cinematheque, a non-profit, viewer-supported cultural organization dedicated exclusively to the public presentation of the moving picture in all its forms. It was a day of networking, organizing, getting dirty and having fun! Thanks to the following NAPO-LA members who participated: Wendy Cross, Josef Csongei, Susan Culligan, Robin Davi, Susan Eleftherakis, Claire Flannery, Carlene Faerber, Sara Getzkin, Cindy Kamm, Jodi McDaniel, Chris McKenry, Justine Miceli, Kristine Oller, Diana Ryan, Toni Scharff, Esther Simon, John Trosko and Tanya Whitford. And very special thanks to our two Associate Members, Esselte (and Barb Schmit) for donating file folders and 1-800-Got Junk? (and Brenda Cotton) for donating the services of a couple of guys to pick up a mountain of trash at the end of the day. Thanks so much!

      Silent Auction for January

      Multi-Talented Jodi McDaniel up for Auction

      After 25 years in administration and small business management, organizing and productivity consultant Jodi McDaniel founded Organizing & More in 2003. Prior to and since branching out on her own, Jodi directed office activities for various firms in the fields of architecture, property management, graphic arts/photography, real estate, interior design and web design.

      Jodi also has owned/operated two other businesses, one a massage therapy practice; the other, a graphic and web design business. In 2006, she joined forces with management consultant Rob Novack and advertising/design professional Josh Lam to form CSG by design, Inc. CSG offers full-service consulting focused on growth to small-and-medium-sized businesses through management consulting, organizational consulting, and advertising/design.

      Jodi’s specialty is working with entrepreneurs, executives and consultants to implement systems and procedures that result in orderly workflow and the ability to delegate tasks, as well as the important, but often overlooked, element of tracking the results of these efforts toward their goals. Being a proud tech-geek also allows Jodi to guide clients toward taking advantage of technology that suits their needs. Jodi’s knowledge of QuickBooks and Excel allows her to set up functional, user-friendly systems for her clients and to then train those clients in their use.

      Jodi served as the Director of Communications and Technology for NAPO-LA during the 2005-06 term and currently serves as a webmaster/consultant. Her efforts with the chapter website earned Jodi the prestigious Leading Edge award at the 2006 Los Angeles Organizing awards.

      Bid on Jodi at the February meeting and she will answer all sorts of questions for you!

      NOTE: The Silent Auction is a regular fundraiser for our NAPO-LA chapter and is held at most chapter meetings. Bidding takes place by simply entering your bid on the sign-up sheet as the clipboard goes around the room. The “winner” is announced at the end of the meeting and is entitled to a one-hour session with the Silent Auction volunteer either in person or on the phone.

      Silent Auction for February

      Diana Ryan Offers Years of Experience

      Before the National Association of Professional Organizers was formally formed, Diana Ryan attended meetings of “The Organized Organizers.” Eleven years ago, after taking some time off to raise her two children, Allegra and Peter, now teenagers, Diana, a long-time Golden Circle member specializing in residential organizing, joined NAPO at the same time she officially started her business, The Joyful Organizer.

      Diana encourages organizers who are new to the profession to really get involved with fellow organizers and NAPO as much as possible. “Go with your strengths, believe in yourself and what you have to offer. Listen to and encourage your clients as well as your fellow organizers; be joyful in what you do and you can’t go wrong.”

      For someone who feels the need to call in a professional, organizing can be anything but joyful. However, Diana’s big smile, enthusiasm and years of expertise, give Mary Poppins a run for her money.

      “On the first or second visit I like to make the kind of major changes a client can not only see but can be truly energized by: creating an atmosphere of new beginnings and freedom.”

      Carefully listening to her clients’ ideas and needs is one of Diana’s best assets. She then adds her own creativity and know-how to the project and the resulting synergy usually goes far beyond the expectations of the clients’ original ideas. By only purchasing new products when absolutely necessary, Diana saves her clients time and money while showing them how to reuse items in a new and unexpected way. Diana loves to see the faces of her clients when their spaces are transformed into what can only be termed organizational bliss, motivating the clients to move forward, think outside the box and have some fun in the process. So what was supposed to be a thankless tedious task is now a creative, energizing experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

      Bid high on Diana Ryan and she will share all of her secrets to success with you!

      NOTE: The Silent Auction is a regular fundraiser for our NAPO-LA chapter and is held at most chapter meetings. Bidding takes place by simply entering your bid on the sign-up sheet as the clipboard goes around the room. The “winner” is announced at the end of the meeting and is entitled to a one-hour session with the Silent Auction volunteer either in person or on the phone.

      2007-08 NAPO-LA Board Nominations
      Writing Pen

      Expand Skills, Become a Leader, Take NAPO-LA to Next Level

      Now is the time to submit your desire to run for a position on the NAPO-LA Board of Directors. Members in good standing can nominate themselves for a leadership role on the Board. This is your chance to make a difference and help the chapter while getting to know some wonderful people and expanding your own horizons. If this is something you think you might like to do, now is the time!

      The Call for Nominations for the 2007-08 NAPO-LA Board of Directors will continue through February. An on-line ballot will be sent to all members prior to the March chapter meeting and the results will be announced at the March meeting. The new term will begin May 15, 2007.

      The NAPO-LA board consists of the following five executive positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and six Directors.

      PRESIDENT: Duties include supervising the chapter's business and activities, organizing and presiding over the chapter’s Board of Director meetings and approving obligations and expenditures of the chapter.

      VICE PRESIDENT: Oversees the Professional Resources and Networking Expo, Los Angeles Organizing Awards, and other special projects at the President’s request.

      SECRETARY: Recording officer. Prepares and presents chapter meeting minutes and forwards same to national office. Maintains an inventory of official supplies and materials. Oversees the chapter historian and librarian, as well as the award program. Assists the Past President with elections.

      TREASURER: Responsible for the funds and financial transactions of the chapter. Prepares monthly reports, annual financial review, and budget reports.

      DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION: Oversees all changes to chapter documents such as the Policy and Procedures manual. Creates special awards at the direction of the chapter President and takes minutes at chapter board meetings when the Secretary is absent.

      DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS & TECHNOLOGY: Oversees the communications venues used by the chapter. This includes the newsletter, client referrals, the website, and electronic communications.

      DIRECTOR OF FINANCE: Works with chapter treasurer on special projects. Oversees fundraising activities and events including the Silent Auction.

      DIRECTOR OF MARKETING: Oversees "Get Organized" Month, public relations, media tracking, special events, and product chair.

      DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP: Responsible for all areas relating to chapter membership including new member applications, annual renewals, verifying status of members at the national level, new member orientation and the MET program. Approves, processes, and forwards to the National Office all chapter membership applications, oversees membership functions, new member orientation, and the Marketing Director.

      DIRECTOR OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Plans, coordinates, and executes the educational portion of the general meetings.

      If you would like to self-nominate or know of someone else to nominate, please contact Past President Robin Davi or President Chris McKenry.

      Register NOW for Conference

      NAPO's 19th Annual Conference & Organizing Exposition


      April 25-28, 2007


      Hilton Minneapolis & MinneapolisConvention Center, Minneapolis, MN

      Click HERE to log in and register.

      NOTE: NAPO's room block at the Hilton Minneapolis is now full. Additional hotel opportunities will be forthcoming. Please check the NAPO National website soon regarding updated hotel location, pricing, and contact information.

      Mark Your Calendars!
      NAPO's 20th Annual National Conference & Organizing Exposition
      April 9-12, 2008
      John Ascuaga's Nugget
      Reno, NV

      Will You Get Certified?

      NAPO Certification Test Coming Up

      By Tanya Whitford
      Organizing Wonders
      and Past-President of NAPO-LA

      On April 25, the inaugural examination to become a Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO®) will take place prior to the NAPO National Conference in Minneapolis. This is the day many organizers have been waiting years for. It is a huge step forward for our industry and a giant step every organizer should be working towards.

      I knew that I would sit for the exam as soon as it became a reality. I think it is important for my business, my growth, and my clients. When I joined NAPO eight years ago, most of the public did not know what a professional organizer was. Now that the industry is more widely known, it is increasingly important for us to elevate ourselves. When the public becomes aware that there are professional organizers and then there are certified professional organizers, it will become all the more important to have that certification.

      The test might seem scary to you, but it doesn’t have to be! While the requirement of 1,500 hours of paid work experience over the last three years may seem like a lot, it really isn’t. It's about ten hours a week. And if the recommended book list seems daunting, all you need to do is be in a study group with other members. I started a study group and there is one spot left. Please contact me at ASAP if you would like to be in this group. If anyone else wants to start a group, just ask around to see who wants to join you. Together we are better; together we can pass the test!

      NAPO has been sending us numerous emails regarding certification. You will find all the information regarding this exam at I applaud and thank the many organizers who dedicated years of service to NAPO to make this a reality for us.

      Golden Circle Article

      Perspective on Frustrations

      By Diana Ryan
      Joyful Organizer
      and a Golden Circle Member

      We all expect the learning curve involved in starting up an organizing business, but what about after you’ve been in business for at least five years? Golden Circle members have learned to make adjustments along the way. As the organizers I consulted discussed their frustrations, three themes emerged:

      • spending too much (uncompensated) time dealing with clients' needs
      • managing expectations
      • educating people on the benefits of organizing

      Kristine Oller makes the most of uncompensated time spent answering client emails by generalizing some of her written answers for use on her website. If you’re going to do something without being paid for it, make it count for as much as possible. Without hesitation, Sheila McCurdy offered “driving all over the place” as her biggest frustration. Reducing her travel time, McCurdy refers prospects outside of her area to other organizers and is “slowly transitioning into coaching,” which can be done from home. Rachel Sparks says, “When I get home from doing paperwork at a client’s, I don’t want to do it for myself. I’ve learned it’s okay to let other organizers do a few of the paperwork projects for some of my clients so I don’t get burnt out.” All of these organizers have found ways to spend time doing what they do best or enjoy most – often by finding others to do some of the work.

      Expectations shape contentment, both for organizers and for our clients. Bette Martin helps her clients look at their options when they complain that a system isn’t working. “The problem is not necessarily the system we installed. Clients have to come to grips with the fact that they either don’t want to maintain a system or don’t want (or can’t afford to pay for) someone to keep it up for them.” Bette found a win-win for one client whose teenager now makes some money by doing their filing. Jane Reifer was frustrated by “feeling I can’t do as much as I would like for my clients in a session. I’ve adjusted to it by realizing we’re farther ahead than when I came in.”

      Sheila McCurdy observes, “Even though great strides have been made to make NAPO and the profession of organizing known, most folks still don’t know who we are.” McCurdy would like to see NAPO- National provide more advertising support and support is on the way: this month is the biggest NAPO Get Organized MonthSM ever with a nationwide NPR radio campaign.

      When NAPO founding member Maxine Ordesky did hands-on organizing, she was frustrated by a double-pronged problem: on one hand the emotions and personalities of various clients prevented them from getting and staying organized; on the other was a lack of organized space and cabinetry in their homes. Ordesky solved her frustration when she switched her focus. Designing organized spaces to fit clients’ personalities has become her internationally renowned business. “That was something I could do,” remembers Ordesky.

      We can overcome frustration by doing what we do best, setting clear expectations for ourselves and our clients, and adjusting our attitudes along the way.

      NOTE:This article is one in an on-going series of interviews with Golden Circle members. It is just one of the many ways veteran members give back to NAPO-LA.

      For more information on Golden Circle,
      contact Ann Gambrell

      Product Spotlight

      PileSmart Organizes Those Piles

      By Barb Schmit
      Associate Member, Esselte

      How many times do you see a desk or table piled high with papers? It’s your job to help organize those piles, right? Now Esselte has developed a line of products to do just that. Called PileSmart, its purpose is to organize piles on a desk.

      PileSmart consists of three different types of file folders, LabelClips, and Project Organizers. Two color combinations are available for each product, which makes for multiple options to get you or your client organized.

      Each of the folders can be easily opened on two sides for ease when inserting papers. The folders are colorful, so your client can use color to help organize these new, neat stacks of papers.

      So make a New Year’s resolution to use PileSmart organizing products to help your clients start off the new year right!

      Polo Shirts for Members Only

      NAPO-LA Polos Are Hot!

      The new NAPO-LA polo shirts are now on sale for the remarkable price of only $25! You may purchase yours at our regular meetings and at most NAPO-LA events. Supply is limited so get yours today.

      Tips Program
      Remind resized

      Book Ends Can Have Other Uses
      Use decorative vases or boxes as book ends on a shelf. Then you can enjoy them until they are needed, rather than storing them away in a cupboard. Also remember to maintain air space behind books to allow for circulation and avoid mildew problems.

      Submitted by Ann Gambrell
      Creative Time-Plus

      Record Your Thoughts
      Use the recorder on your cell phone or Palm to capture any thoughts you don't want to forget, especially when you can't write them down at the time. Play them back at the end of the day and enter them on your To Do lists. Saves trying to remember them when you have other things to concentrate on.

      Submitted by Susan Culligan
      Got To Get Organized

      About the TIPS Program:
      NAPO-LA's TIPS Program is managed by the chapter's Golden Circle members. Ann Gambrell is the chair and invites all chapter members to submit their organizing tips via email or on index cards that will be available at the monthly chapter meetings for deposit into the “Organizing Tips” box.

      TIPS are requested in two categories:

    • "Tips from Pros" are organzing tips for clients/the public.
    • "Tips of the Trade" are tips for organizers to use in their businesses.

      When submitting TIPS, you are invited (optional) to include your name, business name and contact information. This will serve to promote you when the client/public TIPS are posted on the NAPO-LA website's home page.

      Email your TIPS to

    • NAPO in the Schools
      Deborah preferred

      Task Force in Full Swing

      By Deborah Kawashima
      and NAPO-LA Director of Marketing

      The NAPO in the Schools task force is being put together to create a school program to go from elementary through high school. As Chair of the task force, I have interviewed more than 20 interested organizers from across the nation who are already working with students and/or who are going into the classrooms and giving presentations.

      By mid-January 2007 the task force will be announced for each grade level. The elementary program for NAPO in the Schools is scheduled to be rolled out at conference in April. The other programs for middle school and high school are projected to be completed by fall 2007. These programs are being developed for all NAPO organizers to use. It is an opportunity for professional organizers to volunteer their time to go into their local schools and show students the benefits of getting organized.

      The NAPO in the Schools program also promotes NAPO and the professional organizing industry.

      Members in the News

      Chris McKenry of Get It Together LA! is featured in the January issue of O The Oprah Magazine. The article “Outta Here!” features McKenry along with Barry Izsak and Julie Morgenstern providing purging tips for getting rid of “all the stuff."

      Just last week, Donna McMillan of McMillan & Company Professional Organizing, was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about small businesses getting organized, especially during "Get Organized" month. She outlines the pitfalls businesses fall into and how to get out!

      John Trosko of Organizing LA was quoted in the Los Angeles Times recently in an article in which he offered tips and tricks on organizing home and business offices during the downtime between Christmas and New Years.

      CD Clients -Support Group

      February 8 Meeting Planned

      By Jean Furuya
      The Office Jeanie

      If you are working consistently and on an ongoing basis with chronically disorganized clients, you are invited to participate in an informal support group. Our topic of discussion will be "Dealing with OCD Clients." Time will also be spent on sharing our individual issues.

      This meeting will be held on Thursday, February 8, from 6 pm to 8 pm. Limited to 10 attendees. A simple pot luck is planned.

      To RSVP or for more information, contact Jean Furuya
      Phone: 310-316-1753

      MET Training

      MET Classes Planned for 2007

      The MET Committee (Mentoring, Education and Training) is excited to bring you the following list of classes planned for 2007. These were the top-voted in our recent survey of the membership and will build on the wonderful success of our first class, “Building Your Business Brick by Brick,” held last October.

      • How to Get More Clients: Unique Marketing Strategies for Your Business
      • Conducting a Client Needs Assessment
      • Time Management for You and Your Clients
      • The Organizer’s Toolbox: Products, Methods, Techniques
      • The Proper Care and Feeding of Clients: Former, Current, and Future
      • Using Various Filing Systems to Suit Your Clients’ Needs

      More information and dates will be forthcoming on the NAPO-LA website and in our on-line newsletter and announcements, as well as at chapter meetings.

      NAPO-LA MET Program

      MET Program Classifieds

      Check out the MET Program Classifieds on the NAPO-LA website. They are an excellent opportunity for advertisers to share their knowledge and for others to investigate ways to move their businesses forward. If you really intend to grow your business, check out the MET classifieds for an experienced organizer who can help you get to where you want to go! Click below for details:

      Met Classifieds

      Looking for guidance in your organizing business?
      This is the place!


      Mentoring, Education & Training Classifieds

      Organizers offering their services:
      Jean Furuya
      The Office Jeanie
      Sheila McCurdy
      clutter STOP
      Donna McMillan
      McMillan & Company
      Dolores Kaytes
      Kristine Oller
      Personalized Organization


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