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March/April 2010                                                                            Volume 17, Issue 3
In This Issue
President's Message
NAPO-LA Chapter
Meeting Information
2010 Organizing Awards
Silent Auction
Welcome New Members
Attention All CPOs!
NAPO National Ambassador Program
Golden Circle World
Members in the News
CD Support Group
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Who's Who

Board of Directors
Chantale Bordonaro, CPOŽ, CRTS™

Katherine Macey

Nicole Ballard

Regina Lark
Regina Lark



Cynthia A. Smith

Director of Marketing
Heather Furlong

Director of
Professional Development
Leslie Haber

Immediate Past President
John Trosko

Coordinators &
Committee Chairs
Associate Member Coordinator
CD Support Group
Jean Furuya

Education Program Coordinator
Jean Furuya
Database Coordinator 
Sascha Escandon 
Golden Circle   
Greeter Coordinator
Christie Gelsomino
Donna Rosman
Sasha Escandon
Kim Rocke
Christie Gelsomino
Cindy Duffy
Member Spotlight
Nadine Levy
NAPO in the Schools
Deborah Kawashima
Neighborhood Groups
Glendale: Robin Davi, CPOŽ
Hollywood: John Trosko
Orange County: Gail Gray
South Bay: Beverly Clower
Inland Empire: Millie Hinkle
Ventura: Kathryn Masci
Westsiders: Toni Scharff

New Member Orientation
Toni Scharff
Nominations Committee
John Trosko, Chair
Leslie Haber
Marcy Melton, CPOŽ
Tom Neverman
Online Ambassador
Erin Haas 
Sara Getzkin
Donna Rosman
Silent Auction
Lenora Thomas
Visitor Liaison
Lori Gersh 
Website Coordinator
Heidi Chianta
Claire Flannery, CPOŽ
Millie Hinkle
Shari Richardson

Meeting Information
Meeting Attendance
February 2010
45 members, 5 visitors

from Board Meeting 
January 2010
  • Nominating Committee was created for March elections
  • Year end NAPO-LA board review scheduled for March 22, 2010
February 2010
  • Kim Rocke was appointed to the Board to serve in the position of Director of Communications and Technology that was vacated by Susan Culligan
  • NAPO-LA Directors and Officers Liability Insurance was renewed
  • No Chapter meeting in April due to National Conference
Chapter Awards Winners
 Leading Edge Award Winners
2009 - Robin Davi
2008 - John Trosko
2007 - Jodie Watson
2006 - Dolores Kaytes
2005 - Chris Mckenry
2004 - Jodi McDaniel
Raising the Bar Award Winners
2009 - Leslie Haber
2008 - Chantale Bordonaro
2007 - Jodie Watson
2006 - Chris McKenry
2005 - John Trosko

Volunteers of the Year

2009 - Linda Levine-Quackenbush
2008 - Heidi Chianta
2007 - Cary Brazeman
2006 - Claire Flannery &
Kristine Oller
2005 - Deborah Kawashima
2004 - Laurie Clark & Dee Saar
2003 - Robin Davi
Associate Members

Container Store

Office Organization Products
Email Barb Schmit

Custom Garage Systems
Email Jaime Dietenhofer

Go Junk Free 
Go Junk Free America!

Email Jessica Azerrad
310-527-6085 x1332

Moving & Storage
Custom Garage Systems
Email Gus Gougas

Photo Scanning Services

Email Anderson Schoenrock

Custom Glide-Out Shelves for Cabinets & Pantries
Onsite or Offsite Storage
Email Peter Given



Document Shredding
Email Jerry Scott


NAPO National Membership

Annual Dues
$200 - Active Member*
$150 - Associate-Branch
$250 - Associate-Local
$550 - Associate-Corporate
  $20 - Processing Fee

*Provisional member dues are $180 plus a one-time $20 processing fee. You are an active member* if you have completed your provisional membership year, or are a new NAPO member with more than one year of professional organizing experiece.

NAPO National dues can be paid online.
Proof of paid dues is required at time of joining NAPO-LA. NAPO National submits its renewal notices directly to members on their anniversary dates. NAPO-LA annual membership dues are renewed each September. You can also join NAPO-LA online.

NAPO-LA Chapter Membership

Regular Members:
Dues are prorated
25% quarterly.
$100 - Level 1
Yearly dues and Website Listing in the "Find an Organizer" section of our website.

$25 - One-Time Processing Fee
$25 - Lapsed Member Processing Fee

Associate Members:
Dues are prorated 25% quarterly.
$175 - Branch Associate Member - Local branch or regional office of a Corporate Associate Member
$300 - Local Associate Member - Locally-based, self-operating retailer, supplier, designer, or independent sales representative engaged primarily in the manufacture, distribution, and/or sale of organizational equipment, supplies, or organizing-industry related services.
NOTE: All members are required to sign a Code of Ethics as part of their membership.


The Los Angeles Organizer

Claire Flannery
Acting Editor
Claire Flannery

Roxanne Hoerning
Roxanne Hoerning
Millie Hinkle
Donna McMillan
Toni Scharff
The Los Angeles Organizer is published bimonthly (January, March, May, July, September, November). The newsletter is emailed to NAPO-LA members and associate members, NAPO national board members, and NAPO chapter presidents, and is available to the public on our website. All contents are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Submission Guidelines

NAPO-LA members are encouraged to contribute to this newsletter. Articles are not to exceed 500 words in length. Submissions must be received by the Editor no later than the 15th of the month preceding the month of publication.  You may send your article as a Microsoft Word file attachment or directly in the body of an email. Photos should be .jpg, 72 dpi, sent with your article. All article topics and content must be approved by the Editor. Submit editorial to

Advertising:Ads must be received by the 20th of the month preceding the month of publication. There are two types of ads available.

Web site Link: This is a small ad containing a link to your website, located in the left side column of the newsletter. The ad can be your logo, a photo, or a short message. Format: .jpg, 72 dpi, 125 pixels w x 100 h.
$25 NAPO-LA Members
$35 Non NAPO-LA Members

Full Ad:  This is a large block located at the end of our newsletter. Should provide details about your company or service, along with a logo and/or photo. See current newsletter for examples.
Format: Submit ad copy (100 words max) as a Word document and email with logo and photo as .jpg, 72 dpi.
$35 NAPO-LA Members
$45 Non NAPO-LA Members

Submit ads to


March 2010
  22 Board Meeting, 2:45pm
  22 Organizing Awards Task Force Review 5:30pm
  22 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting, 6:15pm
April 2010
   5 Neighborhood Group: Inland Empire
  11 Golden Circle Spring Meeting, 11:30am
  21-24 NAPO National Conference, Columbus, Ohio
  26 NO NAPO-LA Meeting
May 2010
   8 Neighborhood Group: Westsiders, 1pm
   9 Neighborhood Group: Hollywood
  13 Neighborhood Group: South Bay, 6pm
  18 CD Support Group, 6pm
  24 Board Meeting, 2:45pm
  24 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting, 6:15pm
June 2010
  28 Board Meeting, 2:45pm
  28 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting, 6:15pm
President's Message
Chantale B1by Chantale Bordonaro, CPOŽ, CRTS
Simplicity Source, Inc.
and NAPO-LA President

How many times has someone told you that life is short? How many times have you experienced an event that makes you realize that life is, in fact, short and that you should enjoy and appreciate every moment of it? A few such moments recently happened to me.
In January, my Dad went back into a Montreal hospital and I flew home for four days in the midst of work, family life and, of course, the Awards. Thankfully, it will all be okay, but it made me realize once again how privileged I am that my life is full of "once-in-a-lifetime experiences!"
  • I recently returned from Brazil where I attended THE one-and-only Rio Carnival - definitely a "once-in-a-lifetime experience" for me!
  • As your President for the past ten months, I feel so proud of our amazing Chapter for hosting the classy, stylish and sophisticated NAPO-LA Organizing Awards. A superb event that could not have seen the light of day without the fantastic Task Force and all the volunteers who worked together to, once again, make this event the place to be on that beautiful but somewhat cool January night. A "once-in-a-lifetime event" for me as the President of NAPO-LA!
  • Ditto for the Awards Brunch. The room was full of high energy and it was so great to connect with friends from the industry and from all over the world. I was proud to be part of our wonderful Chapter. Another "once-in-a-lifetime" event for me as the President of NAPO-LA!
  • As a member of the Scheme Committee for the Board of Certification of Professional Organizers (BCPO), I just came back from a work session in Tampa where, as always, we worked really hard. We have some great announcements to share with all of you Professional Organizers - check out the article in this newsletter. A "once-in-a-lifetime experience" for me as both a CPOŽ and a volunteer!
I could go on and on but needless to say, many of my "once-in-a-lifetime experiences" come from participating in and volunteering for what I believe in. Keep this in mind as you vote for the 2010-2011 NAPO-LA Board. Whether you have your name on the ballot as one of the new leaders, or just prefer to work in the trenches, know that you are needed, appreciated and that it surely will be a "once-in-a-lifetime experience" for you.

NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting Info
by Leslie Haber1Leslie Haber
An Organized Life

and NAPO-LA Director of Professional Development


Thank you to Attorney David Masci for his fabulous presentation "Getting Answers to Your Legal Business Questions" at our February chapter meeting. David graciously reviewed member contracts, and gave attendees an outstanding presentation covering so many of the important legal questions that we too often don't ask. David gave good counsel (free legal information - wow!), answered specific questions, and explained everything clearly and concisely.

March 22 Chapter Meeting 
Our next chapter meeting is on Monday, March 22, and is entitled "Seniors: Special Needs and Resources." A panel of experts in dealing with all aspects of our senior clients will be on hand to offer advice, resources, and answer questions. With the growing senior demographic, all organizers should know what services and resources are available to their senior clients. In addition, the panel will offer advice on working with adult children of seniors - specifically within our industry and as our roles of professional organizers. We look forward to you joining us for this informative evening.
Upcoming 2010 Chapter Meetings
Join us in the upcoming months at chapter meetings to include the following topics: 
  • Certification: What Every Professional Organizer Should Know
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Time: Use It or Lose It!
Plus:  finance, business evaluation, ADD clients and more. Our meetings are based on your requests and suggestions, and we welcome your ideas for speakers and topics.
Please send meeting suggestions to Leslie Haber at

2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards a Huge Success
Linda Levine-Quackenbushby Linda Levine-Quackenbush
and Event Chair, 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards
Awards 2010 Logo

The 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards, our premier event of the year, was a terrific success with record attendance and a great lineup of stellar organizing talent who joined us from around the globe. This was only possible due to the efforts of a terrific Task Force and the support of all of the additional volunteers who are recognized here.

The Task Force all glammed up for Awards Night!
Awards 2010 Task Force


Vice-President NAPO-LA: Katherine Macey
Event Chair: Linda Levine-Quackenbush
Assistant Event Chair: Erin Haas
Administration Coordinator: Lori Gersh
Gift Bag Coordinator: Rosalind Lakomy
Media Coordinator: Arianna Gonzalez
Photography Coordinator: Christie Gelsomino
Production Coordinator: Michelle Smith-Aiken
PR/Marketing Coordinator: John Trosko
Registration Coordinator: Dolores Kaytes
Sponsorship Coordinator: Heather Furlong
Sponsor Liaison: Jodie Watson
VIP Coordinator: Amanda Hughes
Volunteer Coordinator: Gail Gray
Voting/Travel Coordinator: Robin Davi
Deb-Laurie Award 07
Organizing Awards volunteers receive well-deserved Certificates of Recognition


Ann Gambrell, Barbara Ricketts, Beverly Clower, Chantale Bordonaro, Chris McKenry, Debra Frank, Donna McMillan, Donna Rosman, Heidi Chianta, Jaime Benedon, Jenna Benedon, Kim Rocke, Korey Aiken, Master Cruz, Mishele Vieira, Nicole Ballard, Regina Lark, Robyn Reynolds, Sara Getzkin, Scott Gillanders, Susan Culligan, Toni Scharff, Wendy Hughes.
Our host this year, Kim Coles, entertained the crowd with her larger-than-life personality and her humorous take on organizing, all while moving the show forward at a good pace. With the addition of three awards, we were still able to keep the show on schedule.
The Awards Brunch, held on Sunday, January 31, at The Farm in Beverly Hills, was also well attended and gave us an opportunity to bid a last farewell to our fellow organizers, many of whom traveled long distances to be here with us. Special thanks to Robin Davi for putting this lovely Brunch together.
On behalf of NAPO-LA, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to put this event together, and I personally want to thank the Board of Directors for allowing me the opportunity to be involved in this wonderful event.
NOTE: If you would like to take part in a review of the Organizing Awards, please come to the March 22 chapter meeting at 5:30 pm. The Task Force will be there to answer your questions and to listen to any suggestions you might have for the next event.

NAPO-LA Chapter Members Win Big at the Awards!

Leading Edge Award:
Robin Davi, CPO

Members in the NewsAwarded to Robin Davi in recognition of her extraordinary actions and efforts to elevate the quality and profile of both NAPO and NAPO-LA, Chapter President Chantale Bordonaro's remarks about Robin included the following: "Known as the 'go-to-girl,' Robin never says no, always puts her energy out there if she thinks you might need help, and never ever takes the easy road to resolve a complex situation or task. She leads by example." When the Award was being announced, Robin said, "I remember Chris McKenry pulling me to the side of the stage to listen to Chantale, and then I realized that she was talking about me. I was totally surprised and could not believe that I was this year's Leading Edge Award recipient.  The night was magical and meant more to me than words can say. I am truly grateful to be a part of NAPO-LA."
Congratulations Robin! 
Raising the Bar Award:
Leslie Haber

Leslie Haber1This Award is traditionally given to a member of the NAPO-LA Board of Directors whose service is above and beyond the call of duty. It is especially significant because the recipient is chosen by fellow Board members. Leslie Haber, Director of Professional Development for the past two years, is this year's winner. Her boundless energy is showcased every month as she leads each chapter meeting with bravado and humor. "Receiving The Raising the Bar Award was one of the highlights of my organizing career," said Leslie. "To be recognized by my colleagues and fellow Board members was truly a special moment.  I enjoy my work with NAPO-LA immensely.  My involvement with the chapter has given me the opportunity to develop strong friendships, work relationships, and the chance to learn from my fellow members every day.
Congratulations Leslie!
Volunteer of the Year Award:
Linda Levine-Quackenbush

Linda Levine-QuackenbushThe Volunteer of the Year Award from NAPO-LA was given to Linda Levine-Quackenbush who was this year's Chair of the Los Angeles Organizing Awards. Linda worked countless hours to make this year's Awards show the best ever. She is a dedicated, detailed, amazing woman and we are proud to acknowledge Linda's hard work with this Award. When asked how she felt about receiving this Award, Linda said, "It was a great honor to be recognized by the NAPO-LA Board of Directors with the Volunteer of the Year Award.  I was totally surprised when I heard my name called! I was so busy focusing on everything going smoothly during the ceremony that I was caught literally off guard." She added, "I took on the responsibility of producing the Awards both as a personal challenge and as a way to get to know and work closely with other members of the chapter.  As a newer member I believe that volunteering is the very best way to really become a part of a larger community of your peers.
Congratulations Linda! 
Green Award: Sara Getzkin

Members in the NewsWhen asked for her thoughts on receiving The Green Award, Sara said that she wanted to thank all of her colleauges, friends, family and clients who voted for her! "I am most honored to have received The Green Award at the 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards. I truly appreciate your support.  I don't expect every organizer or every client to become completely green; however, I do hope to transfer my green knowledge as much as I possibly can. At times, when I mention recycling something to a client, they go into "green mode" and seek out every used battery, old cell phone, old pair of eyeglasses, etc., they can find because they never realized there was a way to recycle/repurpose/reuse. I urge you to do the same and see what happens."
Congratulations Sara!
Best Office Organizing Product: SurHook File Folder by Esselte/Pendaflex

Members in the NewsThis award was accepted by our very own Associate Member Barb Schmit, an Esselte Senior Account Manager, who said, "I was thrilled when Esselte's SureHook File Folder was announced as the winner of the Best Office Organizing Product at the 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards. Esselte works very hard to provide the best in supplies for the office and SureHook is the latest in a long line of innovative products. It was a pleasure to be able to accept this award on behalf of everyone at Esselte."
Congratulations Barb and Esselte/Pendaflex! 
Best Garage Design Firm: OrganizIT!

Gus Gougas, President of OrganizIT! and a NAPO-LA Associate Member, has been able to leverage industry-leading, innovative products to take garage organization to the next level. When asked about his thoughts on receiving this Award, Gus said, "We are very proud to receive this Award. In just three years in business, we have been able to establish our company as a leader in the garage organization industry. We are also very proud of our relationship with NAPO. In the last year we have worked with numerous NAPO members to help bring organization and efficiency to homeowners throughout Los Angeles. It's been a very rewarding experience for everyone involved."
Congratulations Gus!
Silent Auction for March

Chantale B1
Chantale Bordonaro, CPOŽ, CRTS

Chantale  is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPOŽ), a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS™), a Speaker, a Mentor, and your 2009-2010 NAPO-LA President.
Six years ago, Chantale started Simplicity Source, Inc. As a relocation specialist and a professional organizer, Chantale followed her passion to make people's lives simpler. With operations in San Francisco and Los Angeles, her team has moved over 165 people and helped countless individuals, families and home-based businesses to streamline their lives, save time and money, and get back their peace of mind.
Chantale believes in continued education and getting involved. Whether she volunteers for NAPO-LA, BCPO, Habitat for Humanity, or networks with various groups for business and relationship development, Chantale keeps one main thing in mind: Life is short. Do what you love to do and success and happiness will follow.

Prior to launching Simplicity Source, Inc., Chantale worked 21 years in the movie distribution business in sales, retail marketing and project management for companies like Twentieth Century Fox and Standard Broadcasting. She herself moved 28 times and still loves the new challenges that come with change. She and her husband live in Manhattan Beach with their four-year-old son, Luca.
Chantale would love to share her organizing tips with you. Bid high on Chantale at the March 22 meeting and you could win the opportunity to spend an hour with a real NAPO veteran!
Welcome to Our Newest Members

Sandy Ackerman
Sense and Order
Santa Monica
(800) 930-2573
Tristina Bailey
Sense and Order
Marina del Rey
(310) 499-8174
Roseann Baker
Long Beach
(562) 997-0056 
Vana Dabney
Los Angeles
(310) 650-6050
Sharon GreemthalSharon Greenthal
Los Alamitos
(562) 244-5674
Members in the NewsKirsten Hanson-Press
LA Homeworks
Los Angeles 
(310) 234-1968
John Harris
Get It Organized
(626) 354-3902
Lois Koch
Let Lois Do It
Agoura Hills
(888) 888-8357
Lisa Suchesk -2Lisa Suchesk
Timeline Organizing Consultants
Long Beach
(562) 438-5650

Attention All CPOs!
BCPO logo

Because BCPOŽ Certification is a living, breathing program, it is constantly being monitored to ensure that it maintains consistency with current certification industry standards. With the onset of BCPOŽ's first Recertification, the annual review of our program was more important than ever.

As a result of this review, BCPOŽ has modified the criteria for recertification to be in line with comparable well-established certification programs and has also modified the criteria for BCPOŽ-eligible CEUs.

For additional information on the changes that have been made to the recertification requirements and CEU eligibility criteria, visit the FAQ pages on the BCPOŽ website, which are updated daily. 

In concert with our management company, SMT, we believe that these changes will strengthen our credentials as well as the professional stature for all CPOŽ's, present and future.

The requirements for recertification have been changed to remove the work experience requirement. Effective March 1, 2010, for all current CPOŽ's, recertification requirements are as follows:

  • Assert to continuing practice as a Professional Organizer
  • Pay the Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF)
  • Obtain 45 eligible CEUs in the 3-year recertification period OR take and pass the CPOŽ examination
Continuing Education Unit (CEU) eligibility requirements have been revised to include eligible online and recorded courses. The revised CEU eligibility requirements are:
  • Classes must be at least 60 minutes long.
  • Classes must provide skills and knowledge that allow you to better serve your clients.
  • Classes may be live, web-based, or recorded
  • For Recertification, of the 45 required CEUs, at least 30 must be for live classes; up to 15 may be web-based or recorded classes.
  • Classes, whether live, web-based, or recorded, must provide proof of both attendance and completion of the course.
The Board of Certification for Professional OrganizersŽ

NAPO National Ambassador Program

 HandsNAPO National is looking for volunteers to be a part of its Ambassador program. The Ambassadors make welcome calls to new members each month. 
Ambassadors are needed to cover Texas, Kansas, Alabama, Indiana, and Minnesota. Although California already has four Ambassadors, one or two more would be really useful. Volunteers do not necessarily have to live in the state they cover.
If you're interested or have questions, please contact Jennifer Gordon, Ambassador Project Leader for NAPO, or Jean Furuya, California Ambassador Liaison, 310-316-1753

Golden Circle World
Barbara Ricketts
By Barbara Ricketts, CPOŽ
a.k.a. "The Mess Doctor"
and a Golden Circle member 

Does this sound familiar? The phone rings; you answer it in your most organized/professional voice and the first thing you hear is: "I think I need you. Can you tell me what you do and how much you charge?" 
About 80% of my clients start the conversation this way, and it became clear to me early on that these "potential clients" really didn't want their questions answered right then. They weren't ready for the answers. What they really wanted was to tell me about their particular "organizing situation."
It's important to make a good impression and start building a relationship in the first 60 seconds of the initial phone call. We need to listen to them to build trust, demonstrate empathy and understanding, and be objective and sensitive to the client's specific "situation."
As they describe their homes or offices, I take notes so I can ask questions later. I want this to be a frank, fair and objective conversation, and I want this potential client to provide me with information rather than my just answering their questions.
After their "description of the situation" (which may take 10 to 15 minutes), I ask if they share their space with children or anyone else; where they're
located and how long they've lived there; how they heard about me, (
very important to track what marketing venue is working); and if they've ever worked with a professional organizer before. To build rapport, there may, of course, be a little side conversation if we have something in common.
At this point, I ask if there is anything else they think I should know just to make sure they feel I've really listened to them describe their unique situation (because every person is unique!).

Now the "potential client" is ready to hear what I have to offer, so we can determine if there's a fit between their needs and my particular organizing skills and techniques. My goal is to make sure this person has a successful experience getting their space(s) organized.
To build credibility, I begin by
telling them that I offer confidential, nonjudgmental organizing consulting and hands-on organizing services. I briefly review my experience and say that I'm a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers and, to create value for my services, I also tell them that I am a Certified Professional Organizer. Next I describe my particular approach to organizing and a little about my "style." I ask if they have questions and explain that I start with a Needs Assessment at their home to determine what kind of organizing services they will need. I clearly quote what my fees are for my services. The last question is "When would you like to schedule a Needs Assessment?"
My goal is for the potential client to feel heard, less stressed, and confident that help is on the way!
Ann Gambrell
by Ann Gambrell
Creative Time-Plus,
and NAPO-LA Chapter Area Golden Circle Liaison 


NAPO-LA Golden Circle kicked off the New Year in mid-January with a great group of 17 members, welcomed at the home of Lynne Gilberg with co-host Donna McMillan.


A group photo of all the smiling Golden Circle members:

Golden Circle

Three of the five NAPO Founders attended: Beverly Clower, Maxine Ordesky
and Ann Gambrell (shown below, left to right): 
NAPO-LA Founders

A tasty luncheon was enjoyed by all, followed by an abundance of sharing, discussion...and fun. The group voted to rename the chapter newsletter column "Golden Circle World." Articles are written by NAPO-LA Golden Circle members on topics suitable for all levels of membership and include a variety of business enhancing topics.  
Chris Reiter will continue to collect organizing tips from all chapter members at our monthly chapter meetings. Tips are published in the NAPO-LA newsletter as well as on the website in the "members only" section. Tips suitable for the general public who access the website are posted on the home page.  All tips are accepted and those for public use will include the tipster's name, business name and the link to their contact information.
The Golden Circle meeting schedule (see below) and the hosts/co-hosts for 2010 were confirmed and have been posted on the website. A future combined meeting with the San Diego chapter was discussed, along with field trip ideas for 2010 meetings.
The next Golden Circle meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 12.
NOTE: Qualifications for Golden Circle membership include five years in business as a professional organizer and one year as a NAPO member. Quarterly meetings are held in the homes of Golden Circle members where we share information, network and get to know each other on a personal and professional level. All eligible Golden Circle members are invited to join our group. More information is available on the NAPO national website or by contacting Ann Gambrell ( 
  • Sunday, April 11 - Host: Nancy Miller; Co-Host: Toni Scharff
  • Saturday, July 17 - Host: Claire Flannery, CPOŽ; Co-Host: Rosalind Lakomy
  • Sunday, October 17 - Host: Robin Davi, CPOŽ, Co-Host: Beverly Clower

Grocery Shopping Bargains
Check grocery ads in the newspaper for bargains.  Use the sale items to plan your weekly menu to save money.  Check your cupboards and freezer before shopping to be sure you do not buy more sale items than you already have.
     Submitted by Ann Gambrell, Creative Time-Plus 
Collecting Business Cards
When you take someone's business card, jot a note to yourself on the back so you'll remember who the person is; e.g., "met at conference," "referred by Mary Smith," "painted Joe's kitchen," etc. Also, write a note about any follow-up that you promised to do so you won't forget. 
     Submitted by Claire Flannery, CPOŽ, SimplifyLA

Members in the News

Advanced Search Screenshot

Chris Reiter
of Time Strategies was a guest on
"The Home Wizards Show" with host Cindy Dole in January.
They had a lively discussion about paper management and the home office. 

Claire FlanneryClaire Flannery, CPOŽ,
Simplify, was a recurring guest on KLBC radio in February on "All Things Organized." Ann Negendank, owner of Sensible Space Organizing Services based in Long Beach, hosts this weekly talk show on everyone's favorite subject: How to get and stay organized.
The topic this time was "How to break the clutter habit for good:
Tips & Tricks to live clutter free!"

NAPO-LA Immediate Past President John Trosko of OrganizingLA
was featured in two segments on the February 4
edition of "The Bonnie Hunt Show."

NAPO-LA Past President and former National Board Member
Dorothy Breininger
of Delphi Center for Organization was
featured on ABC-TV's "Nightline" on March 4 for her work on the
television program "Hoarders" on the A&E network.

NAPO-LA Past President and current National Board Member Chris McKenry of Get It Together LA! was quoted in an article about useful organizing products for the laundry in the February 17 issue of Woman's Day.
Member Star Hansen of Simplfied Spaces appeared as the featured professional organizer on Style TV's "What I Hate About Me" on March 6. The episode was called, "Going Pro," and showed Star working with a client to turn around bad habits while organizing garage storage.

Regina Lark
A reminder that NAPO-LA member Regina Lark, A Clear Path, is LA's "Organizing Examiner" on, an Insider Source for Everything Local. If you like to write about organizing and decluttering, email
Regina at and she'll post your article,
bio, and photographs in her weekly column. 

Members in the NewsNAPO National was represented at the 6th Annual Closets & Home Organization Conference & Expo held in Long Beach on Feb. 11 & 12. NAPO-LA members staffed the booth to promote the National Association of Professional Organizers. Those who volunteered to work at the booth included: Sandra Ateca, Nicole Ballard, Claire Flannery, Master Cruz, Robin Davi, Heather Furlong, Sara Getzkin, Erin Hass, Katherine Macey and Robyn Reynolds. (Shown at left are Erin and Katherine) 
CD Support Group
by Jean Furuya
The Office Jeanie and 
Educational Development Committee Coordinator

If you work consistently with chronically disorganized clients, you are invited to participate in an informal support group.
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, May 18, 6pm - 8:30pm
Topic for discussion: "Time Management Issues for Our CD Clients"
We will also spend time sharing our individual issues and experiences with clients.
A simple pot luck is planned.
Limited to 12 attendees.
To RSVP or for more information, contact Jean Furuya.
Phone: 310-316-1753
NAPO Los Angeles 
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