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January/February 2010                                                                            Volume 17, Issue 2


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Who's Who


Board of Directors



Chantale Bordonaro, CPOŽ, CRTS™



Vice President

Katherine Macey



Nicole Ballard



Regina Lark




Director of Communications & Technology
Susan Culligan


Director of Membership

Cynthia A. Smith


Director of Marketing
Heather Furlong




Director of Profes-
sional Development

Leslie Haber


Immediate Past President

John Trosko


Coordinators &
Committee Chairs



Associate Member Coordinator


CD Support Group

Jean Furuya


Education Program Coordinator

Jean Furuya

Database Coordinator 

Sascha Escandon 


Golden Circle   


Greeter Coordinator

Christie Gelsomino



Donna Rosman
Sasha Escandon
Kim Rocke


Christie Gelsomino



Cindy Duffy


Member Spotlight

Nadine Levy


NAPO in the Schools

Deborah Kawashima


Neighborhood Groups

Glendale: Robin Davi, CPOŽ

Hollywood: John Trosko

Orange County: Gail Gray

South Bay: Beverly Clower

Inland Empire: Millie Hinkle

Ventura: Kathryn Masci

Westsiders: Toni Scharff

New Member Orientation

Toni Scharff


Nominations Committee

John Trosko, Chair

Leslie Haber

Marcy Melton, CPOŽ

Tom Neverman


Online Ambassador

Erin Haas 



Sara Getzkin
Donna Rosman


Silent Auction

Lenora Thomas


Visitor Liaison

Lori Gersh 


Website Coordinator

Susan Culligan



Heidi Chianta
Claire Flannery, CPOŽ
Millie Hinkle
Shari Richardson

Kim Rocke


Meeting Information


Meeting Attendance


November 2009


45 members, 3 visitors


from Board Meeting November 2009


  1. Avery-Dennison confirmed as Presenting Sponsor for 5th Organizing Awards
  2. Board voted on Volunteer of the Year to be announced at the Organizing Awards
  3. 2008-2009 Income & Balance Sheets submitted to NAPO National Year-End Financial Reporting



Volunteers of the Year



Heidi Chianta


Cary Brazeman


Claire Flannery &

Kristine Oller


Deborah Kawashima


Laurie Clark & Dee Saar


Associate Members

Container Store

Office Organization Products
Email Barb Schmit


Custom Garage Systems
Email Jaime Dietenhofer


Go Junk Free America
Go Junk Free America!




Moving & Storage



Custom Garage Systems
Email Gus Gougas

Photo Scanning Services
Email Anderson Schoenrock


Custom Glide-Out Shelves for Cabinets & Pantries


Onsite or Offsite Storage
Email Peter Given




NAPO National Membership

Annual Dues:
$200 - Active Member*
$150 - Associate-Branch
$250 - Associate-Local
$550 - Associate-Corporate
  $20 - Processing Fee

*Provisional member dues are $180 plus a one-time $20 processing fee. You are an active member* if you have completed your provisional membership year, or are a new NAPO member with more than one year of professional organizing experiece.

NAPO National dues can be paid online.
Proof of paid dues is required at time of joining NAPO-LA. NAPO National submits its renewal notices directly to members on their anniversary dates. NAPO-LA annual membership dues are renewed each September. You can also join NAPO-LA online.


NAPO-LA Chapter Membership

Regular Members:
Dues are prorated quarterly by 25%.
$100 - Level 1
Yearly dues and Website Listing in the "Find an Organizer" section of our website.

$25 - One-Time Processing Fee
$25 - Lapsed Member Processing Fee

Associate Members:
Dues are prorated quarterly by 25%.
$175 - Branch Associate Member - operates as a local branch or regional office of a Corporate Associate Member
$300 - Local Associate Member - a locally-based, self-operating retailer, supplier, designer, or independent sales representative engaged primarily in the manufacture, distribution, and/or sales of organizational equipment, supplies, or organizing-industry related services.


NOTE: All members are required to sign a Code of Ethics as part of their membership.

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For the NAPO Code of Ethics, click here




The Los Angeles Organizer


Claire Flannery

Acting Editor

Claire Flannery

Susan Culligan
Acting Publisher
Susan Culligan


Newsletter Staff

Beth Ziegler

Millie Hinkle
Donna McMillan
Toni Scharff


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January 2010 - Get Organized Month

  17 NAPO Hollywood Neighborhood Group, 9am

  18 New Member Orientation, 3:30pm

  18 Fourth Annual Leadership Forum, 6:15pm

  24 NAPO Orange County Neighborhood Group, 1pm

  30 Los Angeles Organizing Awards
  31 Los Angeles Organizing Awards Brunch, 10:30am


February 2010

  22 Board Meeting, 2:45pm

  22 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting, 6:15pm

  27 Educational Development Workshop, 9am

March 2010

  16 CD Support Group, 6pm

  22 Board Meeting, 2:45pm

  22 NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting, 6:15pm


April 2010

  11 Golden Circle Spring Meeting, 12noon

  21-24 NAPO National Conference, Columbus, Ohio

  26 NO NAPO-LA Meeting


President's Message

Chantale B1by Chantale Bordonaro, CPOŽ, CRTS™
Simplicity Source, Inc.
and  NAPO-LA President



The NAPO National newsletter this month reminded me how proud I am that our chapter was where it all began. Twenty-five years is a major milestone! The excellent articles from Beverly Clower, Ann Gambrell and Maxine Ordesky showed me how far we, as a group and as an industry, have come.


The great news is that NAPO-LA is not resting on its laurels. We keep on raising the bar. This past year has been a challenging one for many of us but change and adversity always make us stronger. Your Board members and all of the amazing volunteers work hard every day to make this team and this chapter one you want to be affiliated with. 


We are starting the year with an amazing line-up.


The Leadership Forum happening on January 18 will help to define the next Board leaders for 2010-2011. It will also teach us how much our individual involvement can help us to grow both individually and as a group.


There is an amazing buzz going on for the 5th Annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards to be held at the Raleigh Studios on January 30. This is our very own special event to celebrate individuals, retailers, authors and the media that have made our business a mainstream business.


Friends are calling me from all over the world (no lie) and telling me they are coming to the event!  Kim Coles is really excited to host and I cannot wait to get all "glamoured up" to walk the Red Carpet, enjoy the excitement and see the friendly faces! 


The Task Force is putting the last details in place for the Organizing Awards Brunch the day after the Awards. It promises to be another fun gathering that you won't want to miss. Needless to say, I am pleased and excited as NAPO-LA goes forward into 2010.


Cheers to another great year!


4th Annual Leadership Forum 


by John Trosko


NAPO-LA Immediate Past President

and Chair of the Nominations Committee 


4th Annual Leadership Forum


January 18th

"Dream Big"


Presented by Lorenda Phillips, MCC


Our world has experienced intense change over the past few years. Professional Organizing, once a cottage industry, has grown into a viable business profession complete with certification, national and world recognition, and operating models that were once only a dream. Along with that big dream comes great challenge and opportunity for leadership.
In continuing to inspire you to build a better business, NAPO-LA supports you in providing the keys toward leadership. Whether you choose to lead in your business, your community, or in our own chapter, leadership is critical to your personal and professional success.
Join your colleagues on Monday, January 18, for an extraordinary 4th Annual Leadership Forum, featuring acclaimed business coach Lorenda Phillips, MCC. In this interactive event, Lorenda will inspire you to dream, design and produce a great year so that more great years follow. Whether you're a novice or an industry expert, you'll gain better insights into how leaders bring together resources, develop strategies, achieve their objectives and organize and pace activities.  
These dynamic tools can transform you from someone who merely understands leadership to a person who successfully leads in the real world.
NAPO-LA welcomes you into a new decade. You now have an extraordinary opportunity to create a new beginning and "Dream Big."

About Lorenda Phillips 


Lorenda PhillipsLorenda Phillips, MCC, is a nationally acclaimed business coach with more than twenty years experience in sales, marketing and sales management. She has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives and small business professionals. In addition to coaching, Lorenda designed and delivers courses for small business owners and professionals including the popular "Structures for Success," as well as her groundbreaking "Dream Big" events in Los Angeles.
Lorenda received her bachelor's degree from San Jose State University, is a graduate of Corporate Coach University and is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF). She was awarded the prestigious designation of Master Certified Coach for ICF, and has also received a RSP-Retirement Coach Certification from Retirement Options, Inc. Visit her at and




This program is free to ALL NAPO-LA members and only $89 for non-chapter members.


NAPO-LA Members click here to register
Non-NAPO-LA Members click here to register
This event will be the January chapter meeting.


Note change of regular meeting date from the 4th Monday to the 3rd Monthday (for January only).


2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards

Linda Levine-Quackenbushby Linda Levine-Quackenbush


and Event Chair, 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards


Avery Dennison


Awards 2010 Logo


Happy New Year to you all. 


We have finally entered the homestretch in preparations for The 5th Annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards to take place on January 30 at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.


The Awards Task Force has been hard at work for months putting together what promises to be a spectacular event.  This is a last-minute reminder for everyone to get out, enjoy an elegant and fun-filled evening, and support our Chapter in its biggest fund-raising effort of the year.


Along with our featured presenter, Peter Walsh, we have presenters and attendees traveling from Canada and even Australia to be here with us, plus a great show is planned. In addition to our wonderful host, Kim Coles, we have two exciting vocal performances planned - one from our very own Fay Wolf and the other from Audrey Lavine all the way from New York. There are also lots of new elements to the show so you won't want to miss it.


Be there to rub shoulders with the elite of our profession, have your photo taken on the Red Carpet with local and international organizing celebrities, and network with your peers. Also new this year, you can be interviewed on the Red Carpet and order a video clip from the video production company that can be used to enhance your business.  Information on ordering your clip will be found at the registration desk as you enter.




With so many attendees traveling from far away we are in need of NAPO-LA members to step up and open their homes to host our fellow organizers. This allows organizers to travel to LA and attend the Awards without worrying about hotel costs.  It's also a great way to bond with new friends during the Awards weekend and create the feeling of a NAPO family!  Home hosting is offered to NAPO members only. If you would be interested in hosting, please contact Robin Davi at




The 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards will culminate on Sunday, January 31st, with a special Awards Brunch to be held at 'The Farm of Beverly Hills'. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with new friends and have a chance to get to know them on a more casual level.  It also provides a chance to say 'goodbye' to old friends from out-of-town that you don't see too often. The ticket price is $35 and tickets can be purchased online.


Click here to buy tickets to both the Organizing Awards and the Awards Brunch.


Finally. I would like to thank the Board of Directors and the Task Force for all of their continued encouragement and for supporting me as the architect of this special event.


Hope to see you all on the Red Carpet.




NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting Information

by Leslie Haber1Leslie Haber
An Organized Life

and NAPO-LA Director of Professional Development

2010 Meeting Schedule

January 18 -

Leadership Forum


February 22 - 

Getting Answers to Your Legal Questions:  Client Contracts & More


Join us as attorney David R. Masci answers the tough questions relevant to our field and discusses the ins and outs of legal matters specific to our industry. Members are invited to bring their own contracts/client agreements along with their questions. In addition, members will learn the most important and basic points required to properly manage their small businesses and their clientele. 


David R. Masci has been working in Family Law and Probate since 1994 and was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1996. His passion is resolving cases where everyone involved can come to terms that are acceptable with everyone's dignity intact. Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, settlement is the goal. David is trained as a Mediator and a Collaborative Divorce Attorney and is a member of The Coalition for Collaborative Divorce as well as the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. He has been on the board of directors of the Ventura County Bar Association twice and donates time with the Volunteer Legal Services Program as a Pro Bono Attorney. A native of Ventura County, he still resides there with his family.




Join us in the upcoming months at chapter meetings to include the following topics: 

  • Seniors: Special Needs & Resources
  • Certification: What Every Professional Organizer Should Know
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Time: Use It or Lose It!

Plus more in the works covering finance, business evaluation, ADD clients and more. Our meetings have been based on your requests and suggestions, and we continue to welcome your ideas for speakers and topics. Please send meeting suggestions to Leslie Haber at Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2010!


Welcome to Our Newest Members

Kenya ErvingKenya Erving
Erving Consulting Group

Los Angeles




Master CruzMaster Cruz

Master Orgahnizing

El Segundo



Terry BlakemanTerry Blakeman
Clear Path Organizing


Lauren Laureen Lazarovici
Type A Organizing
Sherman Oaks


Educational Development Workshop

Computer Skills for Organizers and Clients

Presented by Roxanne Hoerning

DATE:            February 27, 2010


TIME:            9am - 1pm

LOCATION:  Circle of Care Leeza's Place

                  5000 Van Nuys Blvd.

                      Sherman Oaks

COST:           $99 for NAPO-LA members

                      $119 for non-members

Seating is limited, so click here to register now


This class will help you refine your computer skills to not only enhance your business, but also to learn things that can be passed along to your clients. If you are currently using 2007 Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and would like to learn more tips and tricks to improve your proficiency, this class is for you. If you have the basics down, now is the time to take your computer skills to the next level.  

In this class you will learn practical applications to integrate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to take advantage of the best of each. In addition, you'll learn many shortcuts and tips to make you more efficient.

Excel - What you will learn:

ˇ        How to create a database in Excel for address or client listings and for files or household inventory.

ˇ        Ways to sort, filter, count, paste link, transpose, and use worksheets within workbooks.

ˇ        Short-cuts for formatting and printing: set print area, update and print multiple worksheets within a workbook at the same time, add headers and footers.

Word - What you will learn:

ˇ        How to merge data from a spreadsheet into a Word document to create labels and letters.

ˇ        How to create forms for surveys or gathering information.

ˇ        How to create and use tables for better page layout.

ˇ        How to insert pictures and clipart within text or tables and easily size and move them around.

ˇ        How to use the review features when collaborating on a document to track changes.

PowerPoint - What you will learn:

ˇ        Take your presentations to the next level: learn about the Slide master, automation, layout, design and background color.

ˇ        Link data or charts from a Word or Excel file into a presentation.

ˇ        Other uses for PowerPoint beyond presentations, such as creating instruction pages, signs, or binder covers.

This workshop will include both lecture and self-paced hands-on exercises; once you understand the concepts you will be able to work at your own pace.You will leave the class with useful materials for future reference.

Note: You must bring your own laptop with Word, Excel and PowerPoint (version 2007).

Click here to register

Roxanne Hoerning

Roxanne Hoerning

is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic when it comes to utilizing technology to create efficient, time-saving processes to automate and track information. She founded her company, You Can be Organized, in 2009 to enable her to branch out beyond her current role in corporate America. She has 25 years of technology and marketing experience and has done hands-on computer training and process documentation throughout her career. Although new to NAPO, she is excited to get involved with other organizers to learn and share experiences.


Golden Circle

AnnGambrellNewby Ann Gambrell

Creative Time-Plus,

and LA Chapter Area Golden Circle Liaison



I was impressed one evening years ago when I heard Donna McMillan speak on personal appearance and how it affects our personal and business success. She quoted Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics who said, "Look successful and you will become successful." Both Mary Kay and Donna should know.

Along with those inspiring words, I would like to add the importance of professional demeanor or behavior. A good place to start and to practice is at our monthly NAPO-LA chapter meetings. The meetings are an excellent place to "rehearse" a 20-second commercial regarding you and your business. It is also a perfect opportunity to practice "working a room" as you would in a business gathering, a networking group or in almost any situation, including riding in an elevator or standing in line at the supermarket. As an entrepreneur you are marketing yourself in every situation because you never know when a potential client may appear.

Along with behaving professionally is dressing appropriately. Yes, you may specialize in organizing garages or clearing clutter from attics, but when you want to impress possible businesses or certain clients, you do not dress in sweats or jeans...even if that is your usual working attire. I have networked with plumbers, contractors, housecleaners and garage mechanics. None of them showed up to business or networking groups in their working duds. No, they didn't appear in Armani suits and ties or expensive corporate business wear either. They were simply dressed in appropriate business casual attire, and I was impressed with their professionalism.

At our monthly meetings you may not be looking to impress future clients per se, but you might want to think about impressing other organizers who may have a need to hire you as an assistant or to offer a client referral. Attending the NAPO National Conferences keeps me constantly aware of the professionalism in our industry. I may have a need to refer a potential client to an organizer in another state or country. I want to make a good referral for my client, friend or relative and an organizer's professionalism, along with their knowledge and ability, will influence my referral.

Another reason for professional demeanor in our chapter meetings is that we have new and potential organizers visiting each month. It is our responsibility as chapter members to provide a professional environment for their visit. Why? Because we want them to know we are serious business owners and we would like them to be a part of our industry and association.

After all, we are the National Association of Professional Organizers. And we may never get a second chance to make a first good impression.

Mark your calendars for Golden Circle's 2010 meeting schedule:

Saturday, January 16
(Host: Lynne Gilberg, CPOŽ, CPO-CDŽ; Co-Host: Donna McMillan)

Sunday, April 11
(Host: Nancy Miller; Co-Host: Toni Scharff)

Saturday, July 17

(Host: Claire Flannery, CPOŽ; Co-Host: Rosalind Lakomy)

Sunday, October 17

(If you would like to Host/Co-Host this meeting, contact Ann Gambrell.)




Establish an information area in the kitchen or wherever the family phone is located. Set up files including To Pay, To File, Events, Invitations, School Rosters/Schedules, etc. Sort incoming mail into these folders. Also set up files for Restaurants/Take Out & Delivery, Household Appliance Warranties, Medical and First Aid, and family activity center.                

                                              Submitted by Esther Simon, The Traditional Organizer



Don't move all your possessions to your new home assuming that you will sort through them later. It's a lot less work and much more cost efficient to eliminate and donate unwanted

and unused items before you pack. Then group similar items

so they will be packed and unpacked together.
                                                         Submitted by Rosalind Lakomy, Clearing Space


Members in the News

Advanced Search ScreenshotImmediate Past President, John Trosko, OrganizingLA, was featured in the November 2009 issue of Better Homes & Gardens in an article entitled, "Closet Personality: Shoe Lover." The article also mentioned NAPO-LA Associate Member The Container Store, along with a number of other national organizing product companies.

 Claire Flannery, CPOŽ, Simplify, was interviewed on KLBC radio in November by Ann Negendank, owner of Sensible Space Organizing Services based in Long Beach. Ann's program, "All Things Organized" is a weekly talk show on everyone's favorite subject: How to get and stay organized.


Heidi Chianta of Your Project Manager, Inc. was on the "Ulitmate Mommy Makeover" team awarding one South Bay Mom a complete transformational make-over from plastic surgery to wardrobe styling. Your Project Manager brought in a personal chef to prep a week's worth of meals following surgery, and also helped organize the family's scraproom/playroom. The transformation, filmed over a six-month period, was featured at a coming-out event benefiting Community's Child and Visual Impact Now, two non-profit organizations in our local community that care for homeless and needy children.


Member Regina Lark, A Clear Path, is LA's "Organizing Examiner" on, an Insider Source for Everything Local. If you like to write about organizing and de-cluttering, contact Regina at and she will post your article, bio, and photographs to her weekly column. 


CD Support Group

by Jean Furuya

The Office Jeanie and 

Educational Development Committee Coordinator

If you work consistently with chronically disorganized clients, you are invited to participate in an informal support group.


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, March 16, 6pm - 8:30pm

Topic for discussion"Goal Setting with our CD Clients"



We will also spend time sharing our individual issues and experiences with clients.


A simple pot luck is planned.


Limited to 12 attendees.
To RSVP or for more information, contact Jean Furuya.

Phone: 310-316-1753




NAPO Los Angeles 


Mission Statement: NAPO-LA is an organization dedicated to bringing Southern California area organizers together through networking, education, professional growth, industry updates, support and public awareness.

NAPO-Los Angeles
PMB 134, 10573 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone 213-486-4477


The National Association of Professional Organizers, Los Angeles Chapter (NAPO-LA) is a legal entity separate and distinct from NAPO, Inc. (the National Association of Professional Organizers) and is not entitled to act on behalf of or to bind NAPO, contractually or otherwise.

For questions on our disclosure policy, please contact our Chapter President.



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