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NAPO2015 Photo Gallery

NAPO-LA wins the Chapter Challenge for having the most Chapter members attend NAPO2015!
[submitted by Nadine Levy, Los Angeles Chapter]

NAPO-LA Chapter Attendees
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

NAPO Founders, L-R: Jeannie Shorr, Beverly Clower, Maxine Ordesky, and Ann Gambrell (not present, Stephanie Culp)
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

"Cake Pops" were a favorite!
L-R: Natasha Rickert, NAPO San Diego President; Angela Ploetz; 
Jean Furuya (NAPO-LA member); Tom Neverman (NAPO-LA member)Chantale Bordonaro (former NAPO-LA President); 
Gus Gougas (NAPO-LA Corporate Associate Member)
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

NAPO-LA Members (L-R): Christie Gelsomino, Lorna Ross,
Ann Gambrell, 
Heather Furlong, Tara Kenavan,
Robyn Reynolds, 
Mary Ann Lantieri, Marcy Melton, Debbie Lam
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

Main Ballroom
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

Nadine Levy with Keynote Speaker
Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

Happy hikers
[submitted by Regina Lark]

Hikers near the famous Hollywood sign 
[submitted by Regina Lark]

@LeslieHaber: Crushing on Alan Brown's Brain Hacks Presentation! 
[submitted by Leslie Haber, Los Angeles Chapter]

Regina Lark with Alan Brown 
[submitted by Regina Lark, Los Angeles Chapter]

Rosalind Lakomy and Lori Gersh
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

Monica Ricci, Tara Kenavan & Heather Furlong
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

Donna McMillan strutting her NAPO2015 tote
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

NAPO-LA 2015 President Elect Leslie Haber showing off
NAPO-LA Chapter Challenge trophy
[submitted by Leslie Haber]

Julie Morgenstern and Tara Kenavan
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

Tara Kenavan with Nancy McFarland
[submitted by Nadine Levy]

Diane Hatcher and Donna McMillan
[submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Donna Smallin Kuper and Diane Hatcher
[submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Monica Ricci, Alice Price, Diane Hatcher
[submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Diane Hatcher and Jean Furuya
[submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Diane Hatcher and Rhonda Elliot
[submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Jane Cole and Judith Kolberg
submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Diane Hatcher and Julie Bestry
submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Diane Hatcher and Ramona Creel
[submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Kathy Luskus (turquoise sweater) and friends rockin'
(Click here or on image to see short video)
[submitted by Ellen Tozzi, Greater Philadelphia Chapter]

Kathy Luskus and Barb Berman
[submitted by Ellen Tozzi]

Tabatha Osborne, Shauna Marty, Lauren Mang, Tana Ching
[submitted by Tabatha Osborne]

Christie Gelsomino and Stacey Agin Murray
[Submitted by Ellen Palestine, Northern New Jersey Chapter]


Ellen Palestine and Mayumi Takahara
[submitted by Ellen Palestine]

Danielle Lui, Barry Iszak, Cena Block
[submitted by Ellen Palestine]

Ellen Palestine, Ellen Faye, Ellen Delap
[submitted by Ellen Palestine]

Upper Left: Northern New Jersey Chapter

Lower Left: Ellen Palestine and Megan Spears

Above: Linda Samuels and Alice Price
[all submitted by Ellen Palestine]

Incoming NAPO Chapter Presidents at the Leadership forum
[Submitted by Audrey Billet, SFBA Chapter]

NAPO-SFBA Board members on the 34th floor of the Westin! 
L-R: Gabrielle Fishman, Audrey Billet, Kimberly Purcell, 
Connie Johnson, Tori Polony
[submitted by Audrey Billet]

NAPO-SFBA members out on the town. L-R: Miranda McLaughlin, Audrey Billet, Chris Stovall, Susan Harnish
[submitted by Audrey Billet]

Florida Delegation: Michelle Worthington, Regina Lark (NAPO-LA Past President), Patty Ribera, Diane Hatcher, Jane Cole
[submitted by Diane Hatcher]

Ramona Creel and Kim Orlando
[submitted by Kim Orlando]

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